Decluttering Your Digital Disaster

Decluttering Your Digital Disaster

Last week I issued a challenge to my Internet Business Accelerator members to declutter their digital disasters and take of control the flow of information that is pushed at you whether you want it or not.Read More

What is a good open rate?

Lesson Transcript:

Today I want to talk about another common question I’m often asked about email marketing.

“What is a good open rate?”

Open rate is the percentage of people who open your email.

For example, if I send an email…Read More

Should Your Email Come From a Business or a Person?

Lesson Transcription:

This is a short discussion of another common question:

“Should my email come from my business name or from my name?”

People want to know if the “from” field and the signature line should be their company name or their own name.

Aside from a couple of exceptions…Read More