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My Top 3 Favourite Social Sharing WordPress Plugins For 2013

My Top 3 Favourite Social Sharing WordPress Plugins For 2013

(So far anyway…  ;)

The easiest way to increase the number of people sharing the content on your website is by simply making it easier to share. But despite how painfully obvious this “solution” is, every day I see websites screwing it up.

And remember, “social sharing” is now playing a bigger role than just exposing you to new potential customers on the different social networks while at the same time creating free social proof (just in case this isn’t enough)…

It’s also playing an ever-more-important role in getting good rankings in Google.

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WordPress SEO Tune-Up – Lesson 3

Increasing Site Speed,
Fixing Crawl Errors,
& No Follow Comments

WordPress SEO Tune-Up
Lesson 3 Transcription

Welcome to the Lesson 3 in our WordPress SEO tune-up series.

In Lesson 1 we talked about duplicate content, how WordPress creates duplicate content and we also talked about the Yoast plugin and how to use it to plug all of the duplicate content holes.Continue Reading

WordPress SEO Tune-Up – Lesson #2

WordPress SEO Tune-Up – Lesson #2

Automating Your On-Site
Optimization With This FREE
WordPress SEO Plugin…

In the last lesson we talked about the structural issues surrounding WordPress SEO and the potential for it to silently pollute your website with duplicate content.

Now it’s time to move on and talk about how to easily optimize each page and post on your WordPress website

What is On-Page orWordPress SEO - On-Site Optimization
On-Site Optimization?

This means optimizing each page and post on your website for the one specific keyword that you want it to rank for by using the chosen keyword in the…Continue Reading

WordPress SEO Tune-Up – Lesson #1

WordPress SEO Tune-Up – Lesson #1

Is Your WordPress Website Creating
Duplicate Content Behind Your Back?

One of the most important and frequently overlooked elements of WordPress SEO is making sure you plug all of the duplicate content holes WordPress can unknowingly create.

For those who are just getting up to speed, here is how Google defines duplicate content:

WordPress SEO Tips

NOTE: For the purpose of this lesson we are addressing duplicate content within a domain.

Now I am not going to debate how much of an impact too much duplicate content can have on your rankings because that dead horse has been flogged enough.

Instead I want to show you how WordPress could be unknowingly creating duplicate content penalties and how you can fix it using a FREE plugin…Continue Reading

WordPress is NOT Google Friendly…

WordPress is NOT Google Friendly…

At this exact second WordPress Version 3.4 has been downloaded 24,061,201 times.

WordPress 3.4 Downloads

It is the fastest growing CMS in the world with over 75,000,000 websites now built on WordPress and I would hazard to guess that a large segment of this growth is being driven by individuals and small businesses that see it is a cost effective way to create and maintain professional websites except from one little problem…Continue Reading

ASW Report #1 – Make Money With Your Blog

  Over the next few days I’ll be posting tips and tactics from the Affiliate Summit here on my blog so stay tuned and let’s get started… I just attended a session called “The Future of Content Monetization & Online Publishing” and there was a panel of successful bloggers sharing how they make money onContinue ReadingContinue Reading

WordPress is taking over the Internet…

Okay… that may be a slight exaggeration but at the rate things are going I predict at least half the websites on the Internet will be built on WordPress by 2015. So here are the stats as of August straight from the guys at the top (Matt Mullenweg to be specific)…Continue Reading

7 Things I Love About WordPress.

7 Things I Love About WordPress.

I am NOT a “techie” by any means. I mean, sure I can find my way around websites and make basic changes when required but when it comes to making changes beyond simple HTML I’m lost. That’s why I love WordPress. Even at my level of technical skills (or lack thereof) I can have aContinue Reading