WordPress SEO Tune-Up – Lesson #2

Automating Your On-Site
Optimization With This FREE
WordPress SEO Plugin…

In the last lesson we talked about the structural issues surrounding WordPress SEO and the potential for it to silently pollute your website with duplicate content.

Now it’s time to move on and talk about how to easily optimize each page and post on your WordPress website

What is On-Page orWordPress SEO - On-Site Optimization
On-Site Optimization?

This means optimizing each page and post on your website for the one specific keyword that you want it to rank for by using the chosen keyword in the…

  • Meta title & description tags
  • Heading & sub-heading tags (H1,H2, and H3 Tags)
  • The first paragraph of content
  • Image “alt” tags
  • URL (Permalinks)

As well as measuring things like the:

  • Keyword density (I shoot for 1.5%)
  • Reading level (too complicated is bad)
  • Length (I try for 500 word minimum)
  • Outbound links to high authority sites
Obviously you could do all of this manually but checking this list off manually every time you post new content to your website is NOT the best use of your time.

WordPress SEO Plugins To
Automate On-Page Optimization

There are numerous premium WordPress SEO plugins available to coach you through on-page optimization including EasyWP SEO ($37), SEO Pressor ($47-$97), and Scribe Content ($67/Month) and I have purchased and tried all of these and I still keep coming back to my favorite FREE SEO Plugin which Yoast SEO for WordPress.

In the last lesson I showed you how to use Yoast SEO For WordPress to fix all of the potential duplicate content issues that can be unknowingly created by WordPress but what I didn’t show you was how you can also use this awesome free plugin to ensure you have optimized all of the critical elements of every page and post with the keyword you want it to rank for.

So rather than try and explain how the page analysis feature in the Yoast SEO For WordPress plugin works I decided to make this quick video to show you…

So there you have it! An awesome free WordPress SEO plugin to help automate and expedite your rankings.

If you have any other favourite plugins or tools for WordPress SEO I would love to hear about them. Just post them up in the comments section below.

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