- Traffic Crash Course Part 2 -
What's The Best SOURCE Of Traffic

Lesson Transcript

In the second part of this Traffic Crash Course, I will answer the question: What is the best source of traffic? 

We talked about targeted traffic in the last episode and the psychology of what makes someone targeted. Now that we understand who our targeted audience is, the next step we think about is where do we go to find the best sources of targeted traffic?

What's the best source of traffic?

Typically, people expect that the best source of targeted traffic is Instagram or Facebook or a new social media that's trending more than the first two but... It really depends.

Every market is different. Some markets exist on some platforms and not on others. Some might exist on a platform, but it's not the right place to reach your targeted audience because that's now where they're actively seeking what you have to offer.

Your market may not be the same as mine and it's the same with where to get targeted traffic. Before you invest your money on a platform, you need to ask yourself and figure out where your market exists and where they're more likely open to hearing what you have to offer.

Here's where search traffic comes in. Search has always been such a powerful source of targeted traffic. When you do search right and rank organically or through an ad, targeted people would search for your keyword.

That is a strong indicator that they are actively seeking what you have and avoiding untargeted traffic altogether. Although, a lot of products don't sell that much on search. Why? People don't go to Google and search for them.

What about social media? Social media across all the platforms can be a fantastic source of traffic, as long as there's a way for you to specifically target and reach your ideal customer.

However, if there's not a way to really hone in and target and reach out to people that you know, with a high degree of confidence, are going to be interested in what you have, then you will waste a ton of time and money.

For example, if I had a self help program, and I went and I targeted everybody who liked Tony Robbins, I can do that on social media. I know if they like Tony Robbins, they're probably gonna like self help programs.

That's a great starting point. But if there's no very specific criteria that I can reach out to on social to get to these people, that can be very, very difficult.

Even if you're using their algorithm and custom audiences and stuff like that, it can be tough to do. If you can find ways to use the targeting systems that exist within social media to reach your audience -- great.

You can do great there as well. If you can't, maybe that's not the right place. Maybe you need to be on search.

The main point is the right traffic for business A might not be the right traffic source for business B.

Before you can start investing a whole bunch of your time, money and resource developing out a traffic channel, make certain that it's the right traffic channel for your niche don't get sucked in because everybody's saying that Instagram is super hot or Snapchat is trending, as sure it is for the right market.

Now that was step number two, I've got you thinking about traffic the right way.

Now, in the next lesson, I want to wrap this up by talking about free traffic and paid traffic, and which one is the best? The Battle of Traffic.

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