A Simple Trick To Figure Out The Best Time To Send An Email To YOUR List

Lesson Transcription:

Today I want to answer a question I seem to get asked all the time…

“What is the best time to send an email to my list?”

This is one of those questions that is frustrating for me because of all of the misleading (and flat out wrong!) answers I hear.

I’ve spent a lot of time at various Internet marketing seminars and conferences and I continually see all of these so-called “experts” get up on stage and say things like:

  • “The best time to send an email is Wednesday between noon and 3pm”
  • “The best time to send an email is Mondays between noon and 2pm”
  • “The only good time to send an email promotion is Thursday between 10am and noon”

…and it goes on and on.

I’ve heard many variations of this answer, and where these guys are getting their information from is their own testing. And for their business, that is probably the right answer.

But the fact is that every market is a little bit different!

So what I want to do is share a strategy with you to help you figure out what the best day and time is for your business.

To figure out the best time to send out an email campaign or an email piece or really anything to your list, you need to figure out the day of the week and time of day that your audience is most active on the internet.

And of course it has to be a day and time that they are in the right mindset to listen to what you have to offer!

So how do you figure that out?

It’s simple…

In your analytics!

Using Your Analytics to Determine the
Best Time to Send an Email Campaign

If you’re using an analytics program, chances are it’s Google Analytics. You can go into it and see on average over the last few months what day is the highest traffic day of the week.

Your analytics program can tell you what day of the week and what time of that day you tend to get the most traffic to your site.

That is the day of week and time of day that you want your email campaign to land in their inbox!

If you have an email marketing campaign directed at business people and you send it at midnight on a Friday so it’s in their inbox for Saturday morning, your campaign will be in trouble.

This audience likely only sporadically checks email on the weekend and only to check for emergencies.

So on Monday morning when they pour themselves a coffee and open their email, yours will be buried in a massive list of messages and chances are they’ll go through and just delete all of the stuff that isn’t urgent and they don’t want to read.

And there goes your campaign…straight into the trash!

On the other hand, if you send the same campaign on a Wednesday at 2pm, you will have avoided the morning glut of emails and you’re more likely to get their attention.

So, you don’t need to listen to anyone tell you what day of the week or time of day to send your emails. Instead, you just need to log into your analytics department and do a bit of sleuthing to figure out when your market is most active online.

And that is exactly when you want your email marketing campaign to land in their inbox.

That will get you the absolute highest response.

Hope you learned something!

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