- Traffic Crash Course Part 1 -
What's The Best TYPE Of Traffic

Lesson Transcript

This Traffic Crash Course is an essential lesson for everybody with the goal of driving traffic to their website.

This course is not a tutorial on how to create a Facebook Ad or a Google Adword but training you to think about traffic generation the right way. 

A usual obstacle that people run into as new digital entrepreneurs is website traffic. It's either they spend too much time and money for insubstantial results or they get no traffic at all.

The purpose of this course is to get digital entrepreneurs understand the principles behind successful generation backed up by decades of real experience in spending time and money in buying and driving traffic across multiple platforms.

What's the best type of traffic today?

In the first lesson, the question we want to answer is:

What is the best type of traffic today? 

This question is very common among new entrepreneurs (and old ones) figuring how to drive traffic to their websites. There are a lot of types of traffic such as search traffic, social media traffic, or even from forums but the question remains: 

What is the best type of traffic? 

The answer is...

It depends. 


There is not one type of traffic that's necessarily the best. What matters more than where traffic comes from, is the traffic itself should be targeted.

Targeted Traffic

It doesn't matter where your traffic comes from as long as it's targeted traffic. You want to get your message in front of targeted people.

Targeted people are people that are actively thinking about, or searching for a specific product or a solution to a specific problem.

The farther they are away from actually searching for or thinking about this problem, or needing what you have, and having an awareness that they need it, the further they are away from that the less targeted they are, the harder they are going to be to turn into a customer. 

And the more time you're going to waste, the more money you're going to potentially waste.

You need to ask yourself, "Who is my best targeted customer?" And what would tell me that they are actively thinking about talking about or searching for what I have to offer.

Once you know the answer to all these questions, you can go out to the different traffic platforms, and ask yourself, do people type in keywords on Google that would indicate that they're searching for what I have?

And if there are, how many are there? And if there's lots of them? Can I buy ads there? Can I rank organically for those keywords? Maybe that's where you need to focus.

Or maybe you can go to Facebook and place an ad that can laser target people that have traits and indicators that absolutely needs or wants or is looking for my product. That will yield you the best results.

Stop wasting your time going after untargeted traffic. Cheap tricks won't get you 1000 clicks from targeted people. They won't simply convert.

If you want to make the most out of your time and money, invest in traffic generation the right way by finding people who are actively seeking and thinking about the problem you are going to provide the solution for.

In the next lesson, we will talk about where the best source of targeted traffic is today.

Head on to the next episode: Traffic Crash Course Part 2: What's the Best Source of Traffic? I'll see you there!