What I Discovered When I Spent $5,111.91 Advertising On Facebook (Infographic)


In September I spent $5,111.91 advertising on Facebook. The campaign was very profitable and generated leads at a far lower cost than any of the other lead sources I was currently using.

After the campaign was over I spent some time analyzing the data I made 4 important discoveries I wanted to share with you…

4 Critical “Platform Discoveries” From A $5,111.91 Advertising Campaign On…

facebook advertising: mobile vs desktop

Below are the results of a Facebook advertising campaign that was run over a three week period promoting a live, free workshop. I learned a a lot from these results and wanted to pass this knowledge on. Remember though, every business is different and your conversion cost may be higher or lower depending our your offer and market. The real purpose of this infographic is to demonstrate the performance of the different platforms and placements…

Campaign Overview:

Campaign Spend: $5,111.91
Conversions: 655 (avg Cost = $7.80)
(Conversion = Registration For Free Event)

Results By Platform & Placement Mobile Newsfeed:

Conversion = 511 (avg Cost = $9.13)
Desktop Newsfeed: Conversion = 137 (avg Cost = $1.30)
Desktop Sidebar: Conversion = 7 (avg Cost = $17.94)
Mobile External Ads: Conversion = 0 (avg Cost = $123.17)

Campaign Details

Targeting & Bidding Options:
– City Specific (singapore & Malaysia)
– Age 30-60
– English Speaking
– Cost-per-click (maximum Recommended)

4 Critical Discoveries & Conclusion

  • Desktop Newsfeed Ads offer the lowest cost per conversion. My assumption would be that it is easier to complete a transaction on a desktop/laptop but unfortunately the volume of people using Facebook on a computer is declining rapidly.
  • Mobile is clearly becoming the dominant platform for interacting with Facebook. Unfortunately, even with responsive design and mobile friendly pages it is more difficult to complete a transaction on a mobile device which means the cost per conversion is going to be higher. That said, if you want to drive volume then mobile newsfeed ads are the only option.
    *NOTE: The registration system this campaign was driving to was not entirely optimized for mobile. Although it did work it could have been better and with future changes I would expect my conversion cost on mobile devices to drop.
  • Desktop Sidebar Ads offer poor results and should only be used with a CPC bidding strategy or you will be paying for impressions that are getting no results. Even with a CPC bidding strategy the cost was too high.
  • Mobile External Ads do not convert. They may be good for corporate branding but offer little value in the way of direct conversion. As Facebook launches their own external ad network I would proceed with caution.

In summary, Facebook is an incredible source of leads. For me a CPC bidding strategy made the most sense and led to a lower conversion cost than CPM. Will it be the same in your business? The only way to know is to test!

What I can tell you with confidence is this: Before you run ANY campaigns on Facebook make sure your entire website is optimized for mobile.

Download a copy of the Infographics here

Facebook Advertising Platform Discoveries