Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Author, Speaker and Coach.

After spending over a decade building one of the biggest companies in the world dedicated to developing Internet marketing strategies and software to help the ‘small guy’ make money on the Internet, I decided having 100+ employees and offices in two countries was NOT for me.

So after selling that business in 2008 I’ve dedicated my life to finding a better way to make money online while maintaining my freedom. Since then I’ve built multiple seven figure Internet businesses from my laptop with a virtual workforce and no ‘real’ office.

This is what I call the Internet Lifestyle and now I want to show you how to do this same…

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Online Business Simplified

Your Online Business Starts Here

My vision and mission for ProjectIgnite.com is to simplify online business.

To reverse engineer how average, ordinary people are defying the societal norms and making more money than the traditional time-for-money paradigm would ever allow while at the same time actually having MORE freedom in your life.

So if you are not particularly technical, haven’t made any (or much) money on the Internet but know that this is YOUR future, then head on over to ProjectIgnite.com and start taking advantage of all the free tools and resources to fast-track your success online

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The Ignited Academy is one of the world’s most comprehensive online training programs, designed to help complete beginners from all walks of lifemake money online.

The massive success our current students have already experienced can be attributed to a combination of…

  • A massively comprehensive, step-by-step online training program designed to support ALL skill levels (including complete beginners)
  • Unparalleled support & coaching ensuring you NEVER get stuck and always have the right answer

So if you‘re new to online business and want someone to take you by the hand and show you the fastest way to success on the Internet, the Internet Business Accelerator may be right for you.

WARNING: Due to the high level of support provided to each and every member, registration is strictly limited and a waitlist may be in place if we have reached our maximum capacity.

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Upcoming Conferences and Workshops

Through over 275+ live presentations with audiences ranging from 50 – 6000+, Derek’s workshops and live events have accelerated countless Internet businesses around the world.

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