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eCommerce Expert Show

Learn in-the-trenches tactics and strategies to scale your eCommerce business from the superheroes of eCom.  New episodes weekly.

Affiliate Underground

Affiliate Underground is a podcast to help affiliates improve their business practices, increase revenues, and campaign profits. 

Project Ignite Podcast

Each episode will skip the fluff and hype and deliver useful tips, tools and strategies to help you make more money on the Internet.

Latest Episodes

A Systematic Way To Make Money With Amazon FBA – With Neil Twa

Episode Summary - Neil Twa There’s so much junk on the internet about making money with Amazon. It’s disgusting. But the million-dollar question still remains: Is there a 100% legitimate way to make money with Amazon? To answer this ...

Growing Your Service Business Online – With Eric Rebelo

Episode Summary - Eric Rebelo Many service businesses don’t advertise online and they’re missing out. Because there’s a practical and profitable way to grow your service business on the internet.But the “trick” is doing it right. An...

Scaling Your Coaching Business To $10K & Beyond – With Drasko Raicevic

Episode Summary - Drasko Raicevic There are many entrepreneurs who could boost their monthly income by starting a coaching program. But where do you begin?And how do you know if you’re qualified? To dispel the myths and provide a prove...

How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure & Rejection – With Andrea Waltz

Episode Summary - Andrea Waltz Biologically, as humans, we’re hardwired to avoid the pain of rejection at all costs. But as entrepreneurs, getting rejected is unavoidable. It’s part of the gig. And it hurts like hell! But the secret is th...

How To Read Minds & Influence People – With Carl Christman

Episode Summary - Carl Christman Influence is an essential skill for being a successful entrepreneur. But how do you influence, persuade and sell to others when you’re an introvert? And how can you do it ethically, without sounding che...

Creating Mastermind Groups For Your Business – With Chris Williams

Episode Summary - Chris Williams I can say from experience that joining a mastermind group can be one of the most profitable things you can do for your business. And perhaps, you already know this to be true for yourself. But what about runni...

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A little about me...

Hey there... My name is Derek Gehl (pronounced: Gale or Gail - you choose!)

After spending over a decade (1997-2009) building one of the first and biggest companies in the world, pioneering Internet marketing strategies and software to help the ‘small guys’ make it big on the Internet...

... I decided working seven days a week while managing 100+ employees with offices in two countries was NOT for me.

So I sold it to a private equity group and started over.

Today I run multiple online businesses, in various different markets that I'm passionate about, generating 8 figures per year in sales and loving life!

The best part?

I do it all working from my home office in West Vancouver or Whistler or from my laptop when I'm travelling the world teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to do the same.