Should Your Email Come From a Business or a Person?

This is a short discussion of another common question:

“Should my email come from my business name or from my name?”

People want to know if the “from” field and the signature line should be their company name or their own name.

Aside from a couple of exceptions, I believe that emails should come from a person.

The only time I would deviate from this is if you have a big, well-known brand such as…

  • Apple
  • Walmart
  • Sony

…where there is no particular face to the company.

But, in 98% of the businesses out there, communication should come from a person because at the end of the day,

People Do Business With People!

The Internet itself is a very impersonal communication medium. Social media is changing that, but it’s still impersonal.

So to make it more personal, you need to have a “voice.” That voice needs to be associated with a person.

If you want to get the highest response from your email communication, make sure that you’re establishing yourself as an authority and a voice that people within your niche want to listen to.

Not as a company or as a brand, but as a real human being who people can relate to.

When they can relate to you as a person, you’ll get much higher results with your email marketing campaigns.

So the short answer is:

Your Emails Should Come From YOU!

People want to do business with people, so be “that person” within your market.

Hope you learned something!

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  1. Hi Derek

    thanks for covering this. My tendency might have been to write from the name of the business since at least the customer should know the name of the business (assuming they’ve opted-in at your site).

    I guess the first time, readers might ask themselves “who’s Angus Pryor?” (for eg), but with subsequent emails they’ll know.



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