4 Tactics To Fast Track Your Way To Top 10 Rankings In Google


Lesson Transcription:

Today I am going to show you 4 tactics you can use to accelerate the rankings in Google of a new website.

Of course, the words “Google” and “fast” typically don’t get used in the same sentence very often, but the reality is that there are a few ways that you can accelerate your rankings.

Now, these strategies will all cost at least some money – and some more so than others.

Tactic #1: Buy an Existing Website

This is often (although not always) the most expensive way to accelerate your site up the rankings. If you buy a website that already has rankings, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

People often assume that this is way out of their price range to do, but that’s not necessarily true.

Here’s what you do…

Pick a couple of keywords you’re looking for and do a search. Ignore the first page and check out the sites around pages 3 and 4. Look for a site that seems to have been neglected for a while and maybe isn’t actively selling anything.

Then approach the webmaster and ask if they’re interested in selling.

I’ve used this method to acquire websites relatively cheaply that aren’t really highly ranked but that do have some history.

With a little bit of link building, optimization and elbow grease, it’s way faster to get an existing website to page one than it is to get a new one there.

Tactic #2: Buy an Expiring Domain That Already Has Page Rank

This is a strategy that a lot of smart marketers and super-affiliates are using these days to tap into sources of traffic.

This is buying a domain that someone has already built and spent time developing. It’s been around for a while and has page rank, but for whatever reason (sometimes people just lose interest) it’s about to come available on the market.

If you can pick it up just as it expires and bring it back up (even with the current pages on it) and get it hosted, you can keep the page rank of that site.

Again, you’ll be able to move it up the rankings very quickly.

This is a cost effective way to speed up rankings because if the domain is expiring and no one else wants it then you can pick it up for as little as $10!

There are all sorts of gems out there if you’re watching.

Tactic #3: Buy an Aged Domain

If you can’t find a suitable domain that has page rank, you can buy an aged domain.

This is a domain that doesn’t have any pages set up, but that has been registered for a long time.

In my experience, a domain that has been registered for a longer period of time will rank much faster than a domain name that was just registered.

Tactic #4: Get an EMD

An EMD domain is an Exact Match Domain. This means it is an exact match for the specific keyword you are looking to rank for (provided you put quality content on it).

Now this theory has some controversy around it – even Google has announced that they are devaluing exact match domains. But my testing experience has shown that even after the devaluation, you will still rank much faster for that keyword.

So while exact match domains may not have as much value as they did in the past, they definitely still have value.

Use a Combination of Strategies

So of course if you can find a combination of those 4 strategies, such as an aged domain with page rank that is an exact match, your rankings in Google will shoot up way faster.

These are great strategies if you want to get ranked in Google quickly without having to go through the process of developing a new website and establishing its reputation and authority.

The downside to these strategies is that you can’t always find a domain name that’s suitable for your product.

If this is the case, you can still make use of these strategies.

If you’re starting a business that you know you’re going to keep and develop over time, you don’t want to let the existing available domains drive the decision. You want to search for a domain name that suits the business.

Then, you can find existing domains that are within your niche, even if they aren’t ideal for use as your main domain. You can then build these domains to be “feeder” sites driving traffic to your main site, which is your money site.

How to Find These Existing Domains

The strategies for finding existing, available domains is a whole lesson unto itself. But what I want to do is give you a couple of good sources:

These are great resources to go out and find good, cheap domain names.

The trick is to make sure they have decent page rank. GoDaddy won’t show you the page rank, but the other sources will. As well, some of these sites will tell you whether the page rank is fake or not.

If you’re buying expired domains, make sure its Pagerank hasn’t been faked.

So bottom line is if you want to get ranked fast in Google, the way to go is to buy an existing domain that ideally has page rank, history and backlinks.

Or you buy an existing site that is already on page 3 or 4 and you push it up.

If you can’t find something that works for your money site, then find feeder sites to help boost your money site.

That will get you there a lot faster than doing it on your own from scratch.

Hope you learned something!

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