Get 650+ Backlinks from these Manually Verified FREE Directories…

Christmas has come early!

I’ve had a member of my team working for two solid weeks sifting through literally thousands of online directories manually verifying their legitimacy and PageRank.

What started as a list of thousands has now been paired down to a list of just over 650 directories that have been manually reviewed and verified as legitimate.

The list now includes:

  • 1x PR7 Directories
  • 12 x PR6 Directories
  • 55 x PR5 Directories
  • 147 x PR4 Directories
  • 243 x PR3 Directories
  • 212 x PR2 Directories

And now I am giving this comprehensive list away for free to my subscribers & friends.

Click here now to claim your copy!

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  • Alan Yuan says:

    Hi Derek,

    The link to claim the copy doesn’t work. Can you please send me a copy?

    I am one of your Ignited Academy current student.

    Alan Y.

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