Email Marketing Tips – Part 1

How To Write A Marketing Email – Lesson Transcription:

Email promotions remains one of the most profitable ways to make money online, but ONLY if you know how to write a marketing email that actually works!

Subject Lines – Make or Break Time!

So let’s talk about subject lines.

When you are learning how to write a marketing email the subject line probably the most important part of your email. It is very much like a headline on a sales letter. If the headline isn’t compelling enough, no one will read your sales letter.

So it won’t matter if you have the best product, the best price and the best guarantee if the reader never even sees it.

The subject line is the same thing. If you don’t have a compelling enough subject line to get people to actually open your email, then once again, you can have…

  • The best sales copy
  • The best offer
  • The best price
  • The best guarantee

…but it’s useless because no one saw it!

You need to be able to write killer subject lines that get as many people to open your email as humanly possible, BUT…

you have to do it without making it look like spam!

So here is my formula for writing a killer subject line.

Step #1 – Include their First Name

When you’re walking through the mall and someone calls your name, you stop and look around – even if they’re not talking to you! Since we were babies, our name is the first thing we respond to. When you see your name in print, it has an impact and it grabs your attention.

I’ve actually tested having first name in the subject line but not at the beginning and response always goes down.

Starting your subject line with the first name will get you the highest response.

Step #2 – Make it Short! (35 – 50 characters)

Any longer than 35 – 50 characters, then chances are it will scroll off the side of the screen and the message will be lost.

Step #3 – Include a compelling benefit

Make is something intriguing enough to make them want to open the email. It might be something general and mysterious that compels them to open it. Or it might be a specific benefit that appeals to the reader.

This is actually a bit backwards. In fact, you should make sure your first paragraph is related to your subject line. The reason for this is, your subject line is what got your reader to open the email in the first place.

In the first paragraph, you want to restate that subject line but now you have more room to expand on that benefit and compel people to read the rest of the email.

Step #5 – Make it Scannable

How do you make a subject line scannable? There is a very exact science to doing that and it involves a trick:

Use a balance of ascenders (t, l, k, h, etc.)

…and descenders (g, p, y) – letters above and below the baseline!

Avoid repetition of the SAME letters close together!


BAD: Bob, seminar schedule here

GOOD: Bob, your schedule for today

More Tips:

Using “FREE” in your subject lines can increase your response by 400 – 500%!

There is a myth out there that using the word free in your subject line will get your email filtered as spam.

That is just not true!

But when you are learning how to write a marketing email don’t abuse this! Overuse of the word and different combinations of the word (which I’ll discuss shortly) can get you filtered as spam, but just using the word “free” will not.

Of course, if you use “free” in the subject line, you have to have something in there that is free! It can be something as simple as a free report, even if there is also a sales process built in to that report. But there has to be something that is free. This is because the CANSPAM laws state that subject lines can not be misleading and must relate to the content of the email. Failing to adhere to this law can get you into a whole lot of trouble!

So, use “free” because it is VERY effective, but make sure there is something free there.

How To Write Marketing Emails That Attract a Flood of Qualified Buyers

My personal 12-step formula:

Step #1: Keep the email short (3/4 page works best!).

Anything longer than this and people will close it without reading it. They may intend to come back and read it later, but very few will.

Step #2: Relate the first paragraph to the subject line.

As I discussed earlier, the subject line is the reason your reader opened the email. If the first paragraph doesn’t relate to the subject line, you’ll lose your reader quickly!

Step #3: Use the copy on your website to SELL!

This is an important one. The content of your email is not the content you are going to use to sell. The copy in your email has one goal, and one goal only. That is to get people to click on a link and go to your website.

Your website should be the tool that does all of the selling. Your email is limited to about ¾ of a page, but your sales letter on your website could easily be as long as 10 pages.

With the limited amount of space in your email, you can’t put in all of the information your buyer needs to make a decision, so if you try to use it to sell you are not allowing your buyer to make a good decision and you won’t get the results you want.

Let your website do the work!

Step #4: Present your offer as a SOLUTION!

You want your reader to go to your website, and offering a solution is the best way to do that. You don’t want to emphasize that they are going to a sales process as that can be off-putting.

You want your reader to believe that if they go to your website, their problems will be solved.

Step #5: Create urgency.

If they don’t click on the link to go to your website right away, they’re not going to come back and do it in the future.

You need to come up with a way to create urgency that is viable. You can tell the reader that the link will only be available for a specific amount of time (like 24 hours) or that there is a limited quantity of supply in stock.

Step #6: Focus on ONE call to action.

That action is a simple one – it is to click on a link to be directed to your website.

You NEVER want to try to get your reader to take more than one action in your email. If you need them to take more than one action, it must be from the website.

So that’s the first half of “How To Write A Marketing Email In 12-Steps… Part 2 will follow soon!

Hope you learned something!

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