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I will cover in this review what the platform is and what it does, expectations before using it, key features and sections, and my verdict.

The idea of a personal AI copywriter may sound too good to be true, but is changing the way companies and individuals approach content writing with their new artificial intelligence-powered platform. 

I generated that first paragraph straight from How cool is that? If you also think it is, my Review is perfect for you. Review | What is it? is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that writes ad copy for your online business. They are using real artificial intelligence -- they didn't just stick AI on the name and call it artificial intelligence. 

It runs on an engine called Open AI, which I believe was developed and helped along by Mr. Elon Musk

Landing Page - Review

Ad copy can make or break any online business, but it's probably one of the most neglected things by most online marketers.

People like graphics and flashy things; many people like the tech side, but very few people like sitting down and trying to come up with persuasive language for their products and their sales pages. 

There's a reason why copywriters are some of the highest-paid writers in the world because it isn't easy. But, the fact is, if you don't do an excellent job of your ad copy, you are setting yourself up for a potential failure.

So when came along and I jumped into the beta group, I was pretty excited. I didn't do a review for this right away because I wanted to see it evolve and give it a few months and play around with it. 

And now that I have, I feel like it's time for a fair and honest review. 

Does It Help With Writer's Block?

When you sign up, first of all, their pricing is pretty fair. $29 for 20,000 words; you can get a lot of ad copy out of that.

Any real copywriter will cost you 100 times that. Twenty-nine bucks aren't bad at all.

Pricing Page - Review

But I want to set your expectation in this review. I want to make sure you go in with your eyes wide open. will not write a complete sales page for you from beginning to the end that will give a perfect result.

Will AI get there?

Maybe it's not going to be this year. I doubt it's going to be next year either. It's going to be a while. But the AI this uses is more of a shortcut and an idea generator.

And if you approach it that way, rather than expecting a final polished piece of ad copy, then you're going to get much value out of this tool.

When I did this review, I know that they are working on some long-form options. But right now, when you log into, you'll see all the different types of short-form copy that they can write.

They are still working on long-forms. When I first signed up in the beta group, they had some long-form options. But after testing it, I understood why they pulled it off because it wasn't even close to ready for release. Although, they said that they are getting close to releasing it.

Even though there isn't an option to do a long-form sales letter or write a blog post from A to Z, that's okay.

Because what will do for you is give you a lot of the pieces. And you have to put those pieces together; you need to polish them up, put them together and tie them together. You will find everything here in this review.

I have written many ad copies over the years; starting from a blank page is more challenging than logging into Paying for 29 bucks a month for them to write a few sentences and ad copy about your product, and then utilizing that to massage, manipulate and create your final sales pieces.

What's In

So now that we've set the expectation, what can do for you right now? Well, when you log in, you'll see they've got all sorts of kinds of things.

Dashboard Example 1 - Review

They've got different frameworks. So what's a framework? I will explain in this review. In the world of direct response, or just ad copy and sales copy in general, you find there're different selling frameworks or formulas that you can follow. 

One of the oldest marketing framework is AIDA Framework. It's been around since the early direct response days in the 1900s.

Starts to grab people's attention, generate their interest, create a desire for your product x, and ask them to take action.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action Feature

Another one is the PAS Framework which means Problem-Agitate-Solution.

"You've got this problem -- doesn't it suck? Yep, here's the solution." And so they're going to help you create ad copy, utilizing those frameworks that you can then use in your more significant marketing pieces.

Problem-Agitate-Solution Feature

It also helps you with product descriptions. This feature is a great tool where you can put in a couple of sentences about your product, and it's going to spit out something far more compelling. 

It'll improve content. If you've got a piece of content that you want to make more interesting or change the voice, it's going to do that for you. 

Product Description and Content Improver Feature

And as you go through all the templates, you'll see all sorts of different little pieces of the big picture. So again, it's not doing it soup to nuts, A to Z for you. But you can piece together and shortcut your way to better ad copy

It's the same with blog posts. One of my favorite ones here is the blog post outline. I can give it a topic, and it'll give me a 5-point outline that I can then give to a writer and say fill this in.

Blog Post Outline Feature

Or I could use a blog post intro paragraph to start the section. To utilize it, use the outline. And then, I could use the sentence expander to expand on those points.

It's not writing it all at once, but I'm utilizing all these components to fill in the blanks.

Then we have Facebook and Google. It'll do ads for Facebook, and it'll do ads for Google. It'll help you with Amazon. So product features, your product description. It'll help you write headlines and sub-headlines.

2nd Dashboard example - Review

Another favorite of mine in this review is persuasive bullets

If we're writing a long sales piece, we need to write bullets. Bullets are essential in landing pages and emails. If you want to come up with persuasive bullets, just put in some information; it's going to spit out those compelling bullets.

Writing bullets in and of itself is an art form. Often, before I write a sales piece, the first thing I do is sit down and write the bullets.

I have to write out all the features. And then I have to attach all the benefits to those and write them in a compelling, persuasive way. And that takes a ton of time. This tool can help shortcut that process.

Persuasive Bullet Points Feature

Now there are lots more worth mentioning such as YouTube, Email, SEO, Company and Personal Bios, Feature to Benefit... is magic for people who don't like to write.

In this review, I will show that you could use all these different templates inside and bring them to a different template to get more information about what you need. A good example is to get a persuasive bulleted list about your product features and bring it to the feature to benefit option. You could then take that information and pop back up here to persuasive bullets and turn that into a bulleted list.

Now, to that point, again, let me set the expectation.

Is it perfect? No. 

Do you need to go through and fix stuff? Sure. 

I'll be honest; it blows my mind how good it can be and how accurately it will research and pull information and turn it into ad copy.

And frankly, I can't wrap my head around how it does it. But what I do know is I don't need to understand how it does it all. What I need to do is be happy that it does do it.

How Do You Use the AI-powered platform? 

I'll show some examples to show you how they work, and they're all very similar.

So let's go into the product description. There will be a few blanks that we will need to fill out.

Product Description Feature

It's already generated for me, but I put in my company name, or my product name,, and then I put what the company or the product is all about

Then you can choose your tone of voice, and there are a bunch more tones of voice such as witty, friendly, angry, polite, or professional. You can even put in the manner of the voice of a well-known person.

It also does multiple languages, I chose English here, and then you hit how many outputs you want. So you can say I want three outputs or five outputs. It'll give you different variations.

In this review, I put in one sentence here, and I wrote, "IdeaBot will help you discover niche markets, product ideas, keywords, and new article ideas."

That's all I put into this, and then it spits out:

Product Name: is the perfect tool for new entrepreneurs, content creators, and marketers to come up with new ideas for their business, products or services! Once you have an idea on what kind of product or service you're looking for - there are thousands of specific ideas based around that keyword in the directory to start brainstorming from. These subcategory level topics range from tech, social media marketing (where most startups seem to be focusing these days), App development terms/products like Chatbot in China or IOT Enterprise Level IoT opportunities and much more. This list is growing

It wrote this; I didn't write any of it. Pretty impressive.

But then it goes on to say, "These subcategory level topics range from tech, social media marketing (where most startups seem to be focusing these days), App development terms/products like Chatbot in China or IOT Enterprise Level IoT opportunities and much more."

The only thing I don't like is the last part that didn't make any sense. I would take that part cut that out. But now I've got a paragraph to use that if I had to sit down and write that, that would have taken me some time.

Let's do another example.

I will show you how I used the blog post outline

Blog Post Outline Feature

This is a great example. I put in "How to Save More Money," I wanted a friendly voice in English, and it spits out an outline of five points:

1. Use cash instead of credit cards
2. Keep track of your spending and make a budget
3. Avoid impulse buys
4. Don't shop when you're hungry or tired
5. Shop online with coupons, promo codes, and discounts

Those were five great ideas, and I didn't give them any of those ideas. Excellent Jarvis spat that out. review is going well so far!

And I could then take that use the paragraph expander. Expand that more, use the block headline creator to create a headline for this. And I can be on my way to creating a decent blog post that I can use on my website with some good information.


AI is the future.

It is evolving and improving at an incredible rate. And although not perfect, this will make the process of writing ad copy for your business, whether that be long sales letters, short product, product descriptions, blog posts, emails, add a heck of a lot easier. 

Not only making it easier by helping you write but even bringing new ideas to the table

And if there's something that I like, I like the fact that it gives me ideas. And we've all experienced the painful thing called writer's block. When you're suffering from writer's block, you don't know what to say or how to start, you come in here, and you'll be off and running. 

For 29 bucks a month to get started and add more credits is dirt cheap. This tool is a bargain

Today, as I did this review, it doesn't do long-form straight out of the box, but it's going to be here soon.

In addition to that, if you work with teams or have people who work on your team, these guys have set this up already so that you can add team members, you can have other people log in, whether it's your VA.

If you have VA that maybe English isn't their first language, or their writing's not that strong, they can utilize this to start creating stuff for blog posts and Facebook ads, and more. All while they're improving their content. 

For 29 bucks, you're going to get massive value out of it every month.

You need to make sure you go in with the right expectation. And if you do, you're going to love this

So if you got something out of this, if you're going to use it and this review helped you, click here to try

Here's the thing, I don't recommend products that I don't use. This is something I use. This is something that I recommend to my students in my training programs because I see its value.

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