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Lesson Transcription:

What I want to do today is show you how to write a headline using 11 time-tested, money-making styles that have been successfully implemented in every single niche imaginable over the past century.

Not all of them may work for your offer or for your business, but I guarantee that there will be headlines in here that work for your business. Not necessarily the specific headline, but the format of the headline.

And you can utilize these formats to create headlines for your sales pages.

So let’s jump into this.

1. How To Write A “Benefit” Driven Headline:

A benefit headline is a headline that clearly indicates a solution to the reader’s problem using specific, measurable benefits.

This is the most common, time-tested and reliable of the direct response headlines and if you’re just learning how to write a headline you should start here.

Say someone is coming to my website with a problem that I want to solve.

Remember, before you write your benefit headline you need to sit down and really be able to quantify

  • How much?
  • How long?

You need to quantify what kind of result there will be, and how long will it take to get it.

The more specific you can be, the more of a response you’re going to get.

If you are vague, people can’t relate your message to their personal situation. But if you give an exact result that they can quantify in their mind, it will be much more meaningful to them.

Here are some great examples of these:

This is a headline I used for many years when I first started out in the Internet marketing world. This headline has sold millions and millions of dollars in product.

“Earn $10.87 For Every $1 You Invest Online – Starting Today”

So we’ve answered “How much?” with $10.87 for every dollar you invest. And we’ve answered “How long?” with today.

We’ve told them how much and how long. More specifically, we’ve used quantifiable and measurable results. This makes it far more meaningful to the reader.

Notice also that we haven’t used a round number. Instead, we have used a specific number that makes the message far more real.

“Free Video Reveals 4 Minute Exercise That Can Help Your Dog
Finally Listen To You…Without Having to Touch, Scold or Yell”

So the specific result is that your dog will listen to you and you don’t have to touch, scold or yell at it, and it’s only going to take 4 minutes.

“Clinically Proven to Reduce the Appearance of
Stretch Marks By Up To 72.5% After Just 2 Months”

Another perfect example of clearly laying out the benefit and answering “How much?” and “How long?”

“Get Instant Access to Over 12,000
Shed Plans & Wood Working Projects!”

In the next 5 minutes you’ll learn step-by-step how to start building
amazing outdoor sheds and wood work designs the faster and easier way…

2. How To Write “The Teaser” Headline:

This type of headline is a bit tougher to write than direct response headlines, but they can be very powerful.

A teaser headline is an intriguing statement that piques the reader’s curiosity to find out what happened next.

This is probably one of the most popular and successful direct response headlines ever written:

This was written back in the 1940’s by one of the original direct response copywriters. When you read it, you have to continue reading because you need to know what happened next.

“They grinned when the waiter spoke to me in French –
but their laughter changed to amazement at my reply…”

Again, this captures the reader’s attention and leaves them feeling that they need to know what happens next.

3. How To Write A “Testimonial Driven” Headline:

This type of direct response headline uses a “result” that the reader is trying to achieve to generate interest in reading further.

“I was two days away from bankruptcy,
but now I am making $750 per week”

This is someone talking about a result they got, and it’s a result that the reader also wants to achieve. That will grab their attention and get them to keep reading.

4. How To Write A “Take The Test” Headline:

This type of direct response headline uses people’s desire to feel superior to compel them to continue reading.

“Can You Identify Which of These 10 Foods
Can Naturally Stimulate Weight Loss?”

Questions like this ignite people’s inherent competitive streak and makes them want to prove how smart they are. This is a great attention grabber.

5. How To Write A “Don’t Buy…” Headline:

This catches people’s attention because it is not what they expect to see and it piques their curiosity.

“Don’t Waste Another Penny on Overpriced Quilting
Patterns Until You Read This Tell-All Report…”

6. How Write A “How to…” Headline:

This type of direct response headline lets people know that if they are going to keep reading you are going to show them “How to” solve a problem they have.

If I want to learn “how to make soap” and I go online to find out how and the first thing I see on a website is this…

“How to Make Bars of Soap At Home Using 100%
Natural Ingredients For Just Pennies Each”

…then I will know I am going to learn exactly what I want to learn.

7. How To Write “The Big Question” Headline:

Asking people a question that they answer “yes” to is subconsciously telling them that this web page has something for them.

This compels them to keep reading because they have already confirmed they need your information.

“Are You Suddenly Speechless the Second
You Approach a Beautiful Woman?”

If you have a dating product, you have just sold it to any shy man who reads this headline!

8. How To Write “The Guarantee” Headline:

A desirable benefit with a guaranteed result can be a strong motivator!

This takes the benefit headline one step further by throwing in a guarantee.

Skin That Looks 10 years Younger in
30 Days or Less…Or Your Money Back”

9. How To Write The “Reason Why” Headline:

This type of direct response headline gives your people “reasons why” they should read your sales letter or web page.

“7 Easy Tricks You Can Teach Any Dog”

“7 Reasons Why Positive Reinforcement is a Better
Dog Training Tool Than Negative Reinforcement”

For some reason (I’m not sure exactly why!) people seem to really love lists, so offering to provide one is a great attention grabber.

10. How To Write “The Command” Headline:

This one is simple – just tell your visitors what to do!

“Quit Buying Over-Priced, Commercial Soaps That Are Riddled
With Toxic Chemicals…Read More Before it’s Too Late”

11. How To Write The “Big News” Headline:

This type of direct response headlines positions your key benefit as if it were a major announcement in a newspaper.

If you peruse the headlines in any newspaper, you’ll see that they are written in such a way to grab the attention of the reader and compel them to read more. You can use that format in your sales letters and on your pages.

“New Diet Burns More Fat Than Running 63 Miles Per Week”

This doesn’t sound like a sales page, it sounds like news which can make it more compelling to your reader.

So there you go…11 different direct response headlines. I know that at least one will work for you.

If you learned something or have an idea you would like to share, please leave a comment below…

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  1. Absolutely stunning and one of the most useful pieces of content that I have found on the internet. Thanks Derek as usual, you’re great!

  2. I think the most dramatic titles are the ones that grab attention faster. In general, people are more willing to believe the dream (lost 30 pounds in a month!) than be a skeptic about everything. I have to admit I laughed a bit at the quilting pattern one. A “tell all” report about quilting patterns? How very top-secret!

  3. I definitely agree a headline should indicate to potential readers that their particular problem is about to be solved quickly and inexpensively, if cost is a factor. However, some of these tried and true headlines come across as extreme marketing speech. Perhaps it’s because I know marketing, but many of these would turn me off instead of get me excited. It’s the “Lose 28 pounds in 3 weeks!” or “Two days from bankruptcy and now I lounge around in Hawaii” ones that don’t work for me. I prefer the teaser, big question and how to headlines, but that’s just me!

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