"Why" Is So Important To Your Success...

This is one of my favourite quotes and understanding the message could make the difference between success and failure. Read it and I will explain why after…

So now for my explanation…

When you see successful entrepreneurs living in beautiful houses, driving fancy cars and taking exotic vacations I imagine you yearn for that same life.

Since you’re reading this right now I also imagine you have entrepreneurial aspirations of your own or are at least tired of trading your time for money and want to find a better way to get ahead in life.

So let me ask you a question: How committed are you to making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality? How committed are you to achieving your financial goals?

Is it a ‘must’ or is it a ‘maybe’?

If it’s a ‘maybe’ that’s okay. That’s your choice. But let me tell you right now, a ‘maybe’ is not the level of commitment that will get you the results you’re looking for.

If it’s a ‘maybe’, the next time you have to choose between turning on the TV to watch your favorite show or turning on your computer to learn the skills you need, you will end up watching TV.

If there’s one thing I know for certain after working with thousands of entrepreneurs over my career, it’s this:

If you want to change your life in any meaningful way, that change CANNOT be a “maybe”, you need to make it a “must”.

Now if you’re already thinking “It’s definitely a must!”, let me ask you this…

What have you done today or this week or this month to make your entrepreneurial or financial dreams a reality?

What goals have you set for yourself and how have you held yourself accountable to achieving those goals?

These are not simple questions but the answers are a good indicator of your future success.

At the moment I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in Singapore preparing for a series of 1-day workshops in Singapore & Malaysia. These workshops are called “The Digital Business Jumpstart” and I am going to be teaching a REAL system to create a REAL business on the Internet. No fluff. No hype.

I’ll be sharing a system that has been used by thousands of people, including myself, to create life changing income and freedom using the Internet.

It’s a system that doesn’t require any major investment to start and it’s VERY high profit.

I can’t think of another business you could start with lower risk and higher return.

But let’s be clear: It is a real business, selling real products to real people.

Inevitably though, sometime during the event someone will say, “This all sounds great, but what’s the shortcut?”

My answer: This IS The Shortcut

Starting a digital business is the lowest risk, lowest aggravation, lowest investment business that you can start…

  • In your spare time
  • Without quitting your job
  • With minimal risk
  • Using the computer you already have
  • Working from where ever you want
  • But like anything worth doing in life, if you want to succeed you need to make it a “MUST”.

I want to share one more quote that is so full of truth:

“The enemy of a great life, is a good life”.

Think about your life for a moment…

  • Are all of your personal needs being met?
  • Do you have family and friends you care about?
  • Do you have a job that’s paying the bills?

If you answered yes, then you probably have a “good life” and it’s probably holding you back from taking the steps you need to have a great life… the kind of life you see successful entrepreneurs living every day.

Some of my most successful students that now have 6, 7, and 8 figure online businesses did not start with a good life. They were desperate when we first met and that desperation led to them taking massive action and in turn creating tremendous results.

In other words, they succeeded because they had no other choice.

The problem with so many people is you have a choice. You have a good life and you’re in your comfort zone and it’s preventing you from having a GREAT life.

So how do you blast your way out of your comfort zone and starting building the foundation for a great life?

Well, let me leave you with this…

You need to find YOUR reason.
You need to ask yourself “Why?”

And let me tell you right now: It is NOT about the money. It needs to be bigger than that.

Why do you want to build a digital business that’s generating hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per year?

Is it so that you can fire your boss?

Spend more time with your family?

Give your children opportunities you never had?

Spend more time doing what you love to do?

Support a cause that is important to you?

The bottom line is this: You need to find your “Why”.

And when you find your “Why” it will give you the courage you need to depart your comfort zone so you can start building the great life you want.

Now go find your “Why” and make it priority ????

Derek Gehl

P.S. If you have a “why” I would love to hear it! Go ahead and leave it in the comments section below…

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  16. My Why is I hope one day i don’t have to worry about money. To give the great life to my family and my extended family whose no one to take care of them. To do what im happy to do and to not feel bad when i can’t able to give help. My job took my life and i have to live my life. I want to make difference and i must start right now.

  17. My WHY is a VERY PERSONAL ONE, driven by revenge and hatred. One day, when I do this right, they will all FEEL MY WRATH! Oh, and please don’t tell me “You won’t be successful with all the hatred and blah blah in your heart” … I will be successful in this and it’s the only reason why I signed up for the seminar.

  18. why? am tired at age 53 years old still working in a corporate hope this digital business will open opportunity how to start your own business online there is still lot of home base opportunity but to be educated is the great way to get the best among the rest, hope this seminar that I will attend this coming October 11 will give me hope to start of my own and had freedom from being employed for long period of time.

  19. Hi Derek

    Why? Because I deserve so so much better.. I don’t have a good life.. It is time to make a great one before my time ends.

  20. At the age of 51 years, I want total freedom from being a slave to a company or boss whom only care about profit. With total freedom, I just wanted to discover my true potential not only as a person but on the soul level.

  21. Why why why delaila..Tom Jones

    hello Mentor !!! There is no doubt at all. after reading the open mind for a moment. but the word ‘Why’ stays in the box. I want to go from zero to hero.

  22. Why?
    I want to provide the best living experiences for my family members, by travelling, by extended learning.
    I want to be able to provide and give back to the society,
    I want to live my life without having to worry about bills and etc.
    I want to make an impact to others’ life!

  23. Yes, of course, I’ve my big WHY and my big Dream to persuade. The most important is “I NEVER GIVE UP ” and never change my goal. Always believe in my self.


  24. Yes, of course, I’ve my big WHY and my big Dream to persuade. The most important is “I NEVER GIVE UP ” and never change my goal. Always believe in my self. 1 more thing, I’ve stopped taking advice from the person who is broke and whose never build a serious income.


  25. Why, because I’m one step away from from committing crimes out of desperation, Why? because I want to be able to sleep at night not thinking about my debts! Why? Because when I see my mother’s face, I don’t want to see her worrying about me and I want to make her proud, I want to make my family proud. Months and months of looking for work and here I am still the idiot that just makes shitty decisions in life and I’m struggling to turn it around!

  26. I like to do what I am passionate about which is helping people and my family. Financial commitment does not allow me to focus on this, and I know I can make a real difference to the world if I am able to focus. I don’t want to be restrcietd aby 9 to 5 jobs.

  27. Hi Derek,
    Thank you for your inspiring words. I have been trying and trying new ideas to get side incomes that allow me to quit. My aim right now is to give the best education for my kids and having to see them grow up right in front of my eyes. And I have siblings with financial issues and mother that’s getting older and older that I wish to give her the lavish life she never had while she is still around. I want to be able to cover all of that but my job gets in the way. the company has been in a way condemning those with side incomes as if we were not giving our 100% on our work just because we have side work. Their sarcastic words got to me that I got demotivated so badly. Recently me and a friend came up with a business plan and i am making sure this time it’s going to go well that I can quit my current job with a 24 hours notice.

  28. Good day..thank you Mr. Derek for ur very inspiring words. …I’m an employee for over 23 years if my life…and now I’m thinking and dreaming of having my.own online business..digital business where I can find my own time..my own boss..my freedom of time from commuting everyday going to work and going home late due to worst traffic…And with this digital world..il be able to have more time for my Son to be able to provide for his needs….my family to take care my aging parents and give back to them the time of being together.

  29. Hi Derek, I’m totally inspired by your post. Why ? You have given me an opportunity to learn to jump start a digital business , where I can have the financial freedom to live a great life for my family and society. This freedom also allows me not only to finance my young children’s education but my spouse’s medical bills as well . I’m 62 , had been out of job for the past 8 years, after being retrenched .I struggled thru life doing odd jobs and now , I want a better life..So it’s a MUST for me…Make or break kind of thing…
    Never miss a good opportunity. Will catch you this Saturday , Derek

  30. I am planning an early retirement from my current job with the objective to enjoy life now that I am still relatively young. I have given myself 3 years to build a source of passive income that I can take to my retirement location and running from there while enjoying my retirement at the same time.

  31. To give myself and my husband the freedom to work where and when we want, and to provide good role models for our nearly adult children.

  32. Hi Mr Derek,
    Having no much skills on the computer world only basics and no money to start with any bussiness, hoping thru your guidance I can start and learn and widen my knowledge. As a sole breadwinner in the family as my children are still schooling, with my aching body tells me to give up my work but I cannot thats why my big WHY is to learn how to do bussiness on line that might help generate my income.
    Thank you and see you soon.

  33. Hi Derek, I used to have everything and now I’ve lost it. Back then, my why is as clear as crytal. You know, ‘eyes on the prize’. I was relentless, hunger for big things in life and was never ever contented with what I had. However, due to pushing myself to the limit over and over again, it took a toll on me.

    Without going into details of what happened, my why for the success of my renovation business will remain the same,

    (1) I would like to earn enough so that I could afford to ‘pay’ my 68yrs old Father to retire from work based on his last drawn salary.

    (2) give my family a far better life then the one I grew up with which was cash-strapped.

    Looking forward to see you Derek and Thank you.

  34. Hi Derek, I totally agree with your post. I looking forward to kick start on my own online business which that I can spending more time with my families and wanted to do of my interesting item.

    My working life was exhausted working time from 8am till midnight and occupied weekend time just to rush up all the report is require by my boss on next day.

    Therefore, I have decided to make my own steps, wanted to kick start with online business and my own niche product which interested. Also to move away from those exhausted working life all these years and hope can spending more family time with my kids and wife.

    I have signed up the event Digital Business Jumpstart for this coming week and can’t wait to meet up. See you soon.

  35. Great post Derek! My WHY is to be able to support my family while living my life and spending time with them without needing to worry about being fired or financial burdens. Something that we always neglect is parents don’t have the time to wait for us. They aged faster and faster each year and before you know it, they are no longer by your side. Being in an Asian country, we are always busy chasing money and our aging parents tend to be neglected. I want financial freedom that can let me take care of them, provide for them and repay them for raising me.

  36. I have been wanting to have financial freedom for many years. Since I was in my “comfort zone”, I have been procrastinating to take action. Now that I am out of the organisation I have been working for the last ten years, I am in a better position and to think of not having a job is my compelling event in to jumpstart on having a successful Digital Business. Furthermore, the financial freedom is the obstacle for me to materialise my dream in spending more time with family, more “me time”, travel the world more and try to help more people in their lives. It is the life balance that I dream off without having the worries in not having enough resources.

  37. Dear Mr Derek. Good afternoon. Im not computer savvy nor aware of what should be handed over to me from webdesigner once my website was completed and I rely mostly on my webdesigner for answers. So Im even not sure my website can be accessed worldwide. I thought it could after more than a year I received an email from one potential customer saying he isnt able to access my site from China. Im not certain how true is this and I consulted my webdesigner local guy and the server hosting company to reassure me that my website www,realsoulflowers.com.my can be accesed wordlwide. I didnt get a respond from my my webdesigner but the server hosting company emailed me back asking me to do a pingplotter test and provided me the link which I clicked on it and Im not certain what to do with it. And so I refer back to my webdesigner to assist as the hosting server company its outside their scope to do that. Im awaiting respond from my webdesigner now. I hope to market my products and services to Philippines, NZ, Singapore and Jakarta but Im not certain my website can be accessed by those region as my webdesigner keeping MUM. Before this i only limit my sales to Malaysia in particular Klang Valley area only. Hope to get some insight. Thanks

  38. My why? So simple so clear I have always dreamed to be a business man, trader and entrepreneur and at this point I am still a student no job no money that’s my why?.
    But when thinking is it a must or maybe I still don’t know I am planning to attend the digital business jumpstart in the hope to make a must.
    Thank you

  39. Hi Derek,
    Thank you for the motivation. The reason I want to start an online business, because I would like to have my own financial freedom, and be able to pay for my medical college. Use money for education purpose.

  40. Derek,

    I am looking forward to finally absorb your knowledge, this all to reach my goals. Basically my goals are my ”WHY”. I had some amazing bad examples about how to waste your life. I want to be successful, make my kids proud, I want to make sure that everything I wanted en missed, will be possible for my children! I am still young, this means that I got ONE thing elderly people do not have, and that is more time. Time to rise and shine!

  41. Hi Derek,
    Your post had really motivated me.
    My why is to get financial freedom to be able to make my dreams come true. My dreams is to build orphanages homes in different countries.

  42. Hi Derek,
    Your post had really motivated me.
    My why is to get financial freedom to be able to make my dreams come true. My dreams is to build orphanages homes in different countries.

  43. I wish I could start a digital business together with my children that have just graduated from uni. It is pointless to work for others as I have done so for the past 30 yrs. With my experience and your guidance, our family digital business will definitely work.

  44. My “WHY” is to enjoy financial freedom so that I could enjoy quality time with my family and friends and ultimately contribute back to the society.

  45. I retired from work at age 60 (2 years ago) and would like to shift to entrepreneurship to augment my current income as a professional lecturer / trainor.

  46. Yes, you’re right Derek ! That’s why I am really interested to know about all your secret ideas in the business. I must motivate, achieve, to succeed myself one day. This is good for me, as a student to attend the business conference. And I can easily to apply this in my online business. I always want to find a way on the internet how to make money easily. ” Hard working, failing, motivating but can never be tiring for wanting something succeeding”.

  47. Hi Derek,
    The question Why?, reasons are many but just the feeling of success and recognition are more than enough motivation, if i may also add into it, the skills to gain in that digital business will go a long way to empower us to likewise help other people around us meet their dreams too…….. more power

  48. I am doing this to achieve the ultimate freedom so I can dedicate the rest of my life in supporting animal welfare causes and saving Mother Earth.

  49. My Why is because I need to take care of my baby when he or she comes out in the world. I want to work online, generate money while sleeping, be a full time mother, and be a productive member of the community. While I was in the corporate office, I use my time to make my boss rich. I warm up my employee’s seat for 8 hours and most of the time, I do nothing. I was tired of commuting and being not able to exercise my freedom. I got tired of someone who tells me what to do, who wants me to wash their dishes, and who wants me to do useless tasks. I want to have work to help me grow. I want the freedom to travel and to be my own boss.

  50. My “WHY” of wanting to attend is:
    My Being a retired construction professional specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEPF) systems, and my refusal to be unproductive in the coming future, plus the possibility to explore through the net if my services can still be made useful.

  51. The reason “Why” is these, I am an employee for over a decade. I keep on finding a company with a good compensation but I fail. I’m sick and tired of being like a slave.

  52. I’m a recently retired corporate senior executive of a marketing and distribution firm. Even now in my senior years, I have no intention, yet, of claiming a full laid-back life within the next decade.

    I reckon to be preoccupied with work engagements or projects akin to direct marketing (DM or direct mail medium) and products distribution. But, in my recent 3 stints of consultancy engagements, I feel the work results as mediocre successes in terms of business, institutional and social impacts, as well as, financial rewards. I realize that the “old” marketing, distribution systems and practices prior to and upon the emergence of the world-wide-web trade phenomenon have proven to be expensive and wavering vis-à-vis technology advancements made and adopted briskly at present. As such, I really have to consider seriously, and find out more about, the internet alternative soonest. I need to understand such paradigm shift and move forward.

    Perhaps, the digital business field will enable me to pursue the things I love to do: engage in niche business projects/products that would make a difference or be a worthwhile new experience in peoples’ lives; keep on travelling and trekking adventures with family and close friends to rustic places of nature and entrancing country destinations; take out after items still in my “bucket list”; and wholeheartedly support advocacies in lifting-up under-privileged individuals and communities in terms of voluntary work and financial sustentation. I look forward that the extraordinary level of proceeds that will come out of my engagement in the digital business will certainly prove beneficent to foot the bills in realizing my above aspirations.

    I look forward to meeting you, Derek. Thank you in advance for sharing your passion, and teaching your own unique system on the internet business.

  53. My why is to support and give my 80 yr. old mother a comfortable life. I also would like to continuously support my sister who had stroke 5 years ago.
    I also want to be financially stable and comfortable even when I reach my retirement.

  54. Thank you, Derek!
    While material security is certainly a great motivator, my why for wanting to learn the internet skills you promote is to effectively share contemplative practices with my countrymen on line.

  55. edna

    thank you for this very inspiring, motivating encouragement, Learning the “WHY” led me to the understanding that it’s the good life that I want.Now this is a must for me and thank you again for your helping hand. God bless you.

  56. I don’t want ordinary life. i don’t wanna work 8 hrs a day with a limited income. also believe that what we think become who you are. 5 yrs from now i must be financially free and successful billionaire … “WHY”? the more money i have the more people i can help especially in charity. i also experienced ups and downs of my life. i got pregnant unexpectedly so they are disappointed to me. i want to prove them more even though i have now Higher income for a 25 yrs old web designer and front end developer. as a reach my goal target income per year plus the Digital business that is perfectly fit in my career. i’m very thankful to you Derek Gehl for this seminar starting opportunity that broaden my knowledge and i know surely this will work just try and try until i achieve my big goals. i also inspired by you Mr. Derek Ghel for what you are now. i hope we all get our dream life. Thank you.

  57. My biggest why is to give my daughter and my family a healthy and worry free from money, that they can access anything they need in anytime they want. Of course with me beside them without going out to some office and juat travel for fun and leisure.

  58. My why is to gain financial freedom and to make my everyday life more meaningful with my family and friends and most of all with my God.

  59. My WHY? in life are: Why i have a very little guts in investing or starting a business of my own phase and my own time.

    This is one of the reason why id like to attend this, to enlighten me even in my senior year i can still make a business of my own in this digital world.

    Hope it will be answered soon and push me to do it.

  60. Hello Derek
    Great and inspiring post Derek.
    My why is all about freedom and opportunity to help others. Freedom financially that is able to support me during my old age. Freedom to spend more time with family and friends yet still productive. Lastly, able to learn new ways of helping the ordinary people improve their livelihood w/o so much risk.

  61. for me aside for my personal things, like financial freedom. i would like to be a mentor who help everyone to achieved financial freedom. also i want to be a inspiration to everyone.

  62. My why is to live a happy and healthy life with my family and stay together in the same roof. Have enough ways to provide a good education and good peaceful life without worrying helping other people in need.

  63. “Why?” In as much as I wanted to achieve something for my family taking small steps towards success, I want to provide my children a good life much more as you say it- the “Best Life.” Then when I could see that they are in a better place, I wanted to share opportunities to every one that needs uplifting their very lives.

  64. Hi Derek

    The big why is Because I want to find ways and means to achieve my goals in life. To build my own business with little money in my pocket. When I attended your jumpstart ,in my mind says this is it! I will go ahead to learn what I can to pursue my dreams.

  65. Hi Derek

    Agree! Its not just about the money, Its about finding my purpose.

    My Whys
    1. I want to be financially free in the next 5 years so that I do not have to depend on my children to support me
    2. I want to be financially able to support a cause that is important to me – helping women who are financially
    disadvantaged so that they can be financially independent to support themselves & their families through this mean.

    See you soon.

  66. Hi Derek,
    Here’s my reason to my why. It’s the constant progress i feel i should apply for personal growth in hopes to benefit the society in the future. Have been always wondering, i can put my hardwork attitude doing blue collard jobs, what if i take it to another level to purely push myself into an industry which allows me to cherish more with
    family in exchange for time. I hope to gain more from you when we meet! Looking forward!


  67. My WHY is WHY NOT?
    I have worked 20 years in corporate and made contributions that have earned them revenue. My blood sweat and tears have been for them with a bonus for my efforts. What if I was to do it for myself? I would win and loose but it would be my wins and losses. I want to be doing something I love and need the boost and know how to do it

  68. I am a first gen millennial who truly believes the power of the internet by heart, yet having a hard time monetizing it. Maybe I have procrastinated long enough to see other people even younger kids who does not necessarily know what they are doing, yet they are producing fantastic results because they acted on the opportunity and tweaking along as the need arises. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’ve dabbled my feet in the water long enough to know what’s the temperature is like but I haven’t really taken the plunge wholeheartedly or maintain the same focus desired to fuel success. Hopefully, this workshop will empower me to keep working until I can achieve my dream of having my own company and running my own business even though a small one, but I am in control of my time and making a difference in other people’s lives.

  69. I quit my job on 2nd quarter of 2017. Didn’t have much of a choice as retrenchment was on the horizon. Looking for another job with only 3 years to retirement age is difficult. Although savings and monetary compensation from former company helps, it is not sufficient for me to do a lot of other things which I wanted; which includes having an orchard and also be able to do some charity work.
    I do not have any product in mind and would like to get some advice and opinion on what goods or services are feasible as online business. Looking forward to meeting up and learning from you and others who are at the seminar.

  70. Hi Derek,

    All I wanted is self confidence. I want to contribute together in family in all aspects . Saving my hubby’s money to buy a gift for him doesn’t make sense .

  71. My Why is to have the income, the time to fulfill my commitment the creator. To be able to do more good deads, by helping the needy, the poor, the children of learning disability.

    I have been forced to retire, and now together with my friends , we are going to embark on training solutions for the corporate as well as the community.

    So i would like to learn from the seminar if i sell my solutions on line.


  72. My WHY is to join those who are now making money easily in the internet business including you Derek

  73. Hi Derek,
    I love the Internet, art and music but I didn’t get job opportunities in this field so I thought WHY not I create my own.
    Looking forward for the workshop this Saturday. See you!

  74. Why? I love the Internet, art and music but I didn’t get job opportunities in this field so I thought why not I create my own.

  75. The question “Why” is simply because i want to lead a better life in terms of financial stability..right now the malaysian economy that i’am facing is totally unpredictable. The malaysian ringgit has plunged to Myr 4.00 which in bad shape.
    I have to find a better allternative.

  76. I am back in country to settle down after 20 years abroad.
    I quit a high flying role as i am fed up with all the people playing politics.
    I tolerated these people for 2.5 years in order to complete my MBA and when I was almost done I quit.
    At the moment I am busy studying Android coding on my own and also codings related to machine learning. I have business ideas which I want to try out and succeed and I dont mind trying over and over again until I get it right

  77. I left the corporate world at the beginning of 2017.
    After 6 months I decided that I needed a long term source of income for my very young family (as I am closer to the retirement age) and a business that can sustain my family’s wellbeing in the future.
    I set up an online store which was finally lauched in March 2018. After 1 month, I have not had any sales albeit many queries.
    I hope to learn the skills to allow me to breakthru this initial roadblock and to be able to have a sustainable online business

  78. For me , why am I interested in online business is because I want an early retirement and having an online business is the only way to go since I don’t need to set up a company that requires a lot of people to handle the day to day operation, there’s no need to pay rent expenses, salaries, and other expenses required in the office front business. There’s no pressure to reach a quota in order to pay up the bills. I like to have the freedom to check my online business whenever I’m free and I expect my retirement would be less stressful and not boring as well.

  79. This 2018, I want to break free from my 9-5 routine and be able to spend more time with my family and be able to financially support their needs at the same time, doing things I enjoy. 🙂

  80. It’s a new learning experience for me. So, first of all, it’s for my personal growth. Second, I’m thinking of starting an online business selling some products. I expect this business as having great potential and even greater due to learning professional online system. And I’m sure your seminar can deliver my high expectations. Thank you.

  81. My big why is that I want both the financial and time freedom to be able to travel as it is what I love to do now and I want my family/parents to experience that too while they are able and still can.


  82. My Why(s)?
    I have been out of the corporate world for a bit longer than I envisioned I’d be.
    I know I wanted to succeed but I was not sure I wanted to do it in the “corporate world” as we know it.
    I wanted to ensure the best academic future for my kids which will help them setup for their best life.
    I wanted to spend more time with my spouse and church ministry.

  83. My ‘Why’ to go into a ‘digital (business)’ is to build a ‘legacy’ for my brother who passed 4 years ago.
    Make sense…? … if this workshop won’t be able to address this ‘goal’ I have – please let me know – thank you ????

  84. Hi Derek,
    My Why reason is pretty obvious. I must get an online business going with the products I am holding. They are getting no where meeting and and tendering.
    Your idea is a must for me to understand and apply. So I am looking forward to meeting you at the seminar.


  85. My WHY is to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

    I have been retrenched from work so needs to find a new income source to:
    1. Settle my debt
    2. Fund my child’s education
    3. Medical expenses
    4. If possible I’d love to take my family for holidays
    5. To support some charity organizations
    And of course to sustain my everyday expenses and pay the bills. I hope to give my family a more comfortable life.

  86. Im going to retire this year. My income will be based on my life savings. I still has housing loans to pay. Looking for business opportunity for consistence earnings. If success, will inherit the business to my children.

  87. I quit my job about a year ago due to family issues. I always believed that I shoud be an entrepreneur if I have to make it out of this rut. My saving would not be able to sustain soon and my self esteem is eroding. I am desperate. I need to get financial freedom fast.

  88. I’d like to be able to earn money with the freedom of not having to report to a boss and my time being tied down to a 9 to 5 job. Also peace of mind during my retirement days.

  89. Why?
    Mostly coz of my life now are really nothing. Always trying to reverse it.. so many times and so many ways.. but still on the parallel line…
    The X factor is what i am looking for..
    As for now in the great platform of cryptocurrency and technology that still a new thing in Malaysia. Thus, as to be the pioneer and acceptable to the nation and for sure credit to my personal achievement.
    Cant wait to see you Derek in this coming saturday.. wash my brain out..

  90. I want to have an income that covers my bills and take care of old age. Next I am expecting more time that I can spend doing community service.
    I do not want to burden other people especially my children to help in case of financial needs.

  91. Well, I’ve been asked that before and it’s my fault that I didn’t really give a great and deeply rooted answer. At first the Why is to get out of debt. I hate it. My family suffers and to put it bluntly: it sucks!
    But ,let’s say, after getting out of debt there must be a deeper why to keep growing the business. Frankly, I want to build something and prove to myself that I can do this. I want to say I did it, I made it, I succeeded even if there will be mistakes. And finally, this would be a step to that bigger dream of helping OTHERS succeed. The great life isn’t just for me, it can be for everybody.
    “Why” is not an easy question to answer, but worth answering several times over.

  92. The Big “WHY” is our goals and dreams. We must achieve our Goals and Dreams to have financial freedom as well as our time freedom.

  93. The challenge of entrepreneurial activity is already in my mind since when I’m a bit younger. I’m already with the government since 1980 and aged 20. I leave the comfort of my office at age 28 and venture into the challenging profession in a newspaper which I helped to put up, to the exciting fields of community Organizing in the women sector.
    I was content and happy with these achievements then back again to the comfort of GOOD LIFE in a government offices and compensation. I’m almost on retirement now, actually I’m preparing to this stage of my profession.
    I’m now looking for an enterprise I want to do. I entered forex trading although I don’t know anything about it, but I am learning. I don’t know how to operate a computer except on games and casino. I bought a computer unit so that I will learn the internet. THEN THERE YOUR INVITATION!
    I almost missed the opportunity because I dont know how to use my paypal account for payment of P500.00. Because I’m only kindergarten in the internet, I lost the connection with this seminar. Thanks God you followed up my registration.
    The WHY, now, I am fascinated in internet business. I want something I must learn , a challenge to put up and a business to leave to the family. My 12 year old son is very keen in the internet, my mentor also sometimes. He’ll love it to the max as he said it while we are discussing it.
    See you soon, Derek!

  94. I started my work life as an engineer and working for global companies. I want to end my work life (and life in general) as a successful entrepreneur.

  95. My WHY.
    I would love to spend quality time with the people I love. Quality means I don’t need to see the price tag when my kids order anything they want in a restaurant or mall.

  96. I will engage in the recruitment of International students for Canada, and my clients are global. Therfore i should equip myself on having the best digital marketing solutions, since Im not that super techie.. Thank you!

  97. Because I’m tired of draining all my talents for other people to get wealthy, I ought to be doing that for my self and the people I want to be with me.

  98. I would like to spend a few hours on this future online business and more time to do other important and similarly interesting things with family and friends. Secondly if the business prospers I would like to share the profits with family and others in need, of course all of these opportunities and possibilities are blessings from above.

  99. Why? If we have more, then we can give more! And that’s infinitely rewarding. Also, since time is the most valuable resource we have, what’s better than earning while we sleep? #passiveincome here we come!

  100. Why?
    1. To help my parents to spend their life to the outmost. They are on their 80’s and I think it’s a blessing from God.
    2. So I can have more time in my ministry in church.

  101. My “Why” is this:

    I must Earn more than enough money so I could give more tithes for my church – I’m a catholic Christian.
    I must to Create more Business – Traditional and Online business that will give more opportunity to the people who
    wants to earn an honest living.
    I must be Financially free – so that I could be a role model for my relatives and friends, that everything is Possible if we
    really want to be successful. And, be able to share and teach them my knowledge.
    I must Earn more than enough money so that I and my children and my wife won’t have to experience the pain of
    SEPARATION because I have to leave them and WORK ABROAD. I consider that pain to be the most unbearable pain one could go through – next to the PAIN of having a DEATH in the Family.

  102. Hello Derek, my “why” is I believe what Brian Tracy to change your future you have to take action and take action now. I am working now as a teamleader for virtual online marketing associates. They work for entrepreneurs who are succesaful in ther own way. I want to have that not work for those who have it. I have the knowledge and resource to market something online but I dont have my own online business. The time has come I want to do all the things I want for myself and my family. I want help more people become successful but I need to help myself become successful first. The why ultimately is financial freedom and taking back my time for more important things in life.

  103. My “why? “….. I’m a single mom and I want to give my kids the chance to live the life they deserve at the same time be there for them everytime they need me…… And also be able to help people like me.

  104. My “WHY” is to have full freedom to do the things I need/want in life. To attain this I need to be financially free.

  105. Hi Derek, for me the why can be broken into two parts.

    Firstly I am a professional musician and have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world playing music, while earning a good living (I’ll explain more about this when we meet).

    In fact I’m still doing this now, and have only yesterday returned from a 17 day stint, which took me to the Tahitian Islands and then to the Hawaii Islands.

    However, while this lifestyle has been great and I’ve been one of the lucky people to have been able to make a full living doing what I actually love to do, this life style is now hard on my personal life (being married with a family). In fact I used to look forward to my trips, but these days I almost cringe when I get the call to go out.

    Secondly, a number of years ago I wrote an instrumental music education book (based on the instrument that I play (which I will also tell you about in more detail when we meet). And this book has become an industry standard within my home country, where it is distributed by one of the biggest publishing and distributing companies in the world.

    So I’m an expat now living in the Philippines and while still being sort after for work in my industry of choice, it’s time to make an impact on the digital version of my book, so that I don’t have to continue going abroad for long periods of time, being away from my wife and family and beautiful house etc..

    While I currently make regular sales of the digital version of this book, these regular sales are certainly nowhere near as good as the hard copy version (which is only available in my home country).

    So my goal is to now create at the very least, the same success I have received from on going sales of the hard copy, to developing possibly even better results for the digital version, especially seeing as the digital version is effectively available worldwide.

    Prior to performing as a professional musician full time, I used to teach my instrument at high schools, private schools, as well as private home lessons (while still maintaining, at that time, regular local performances). I also perform clinic demonstrations from time to time and so I love to help others achieve their personal musical goals.

    My book offers the way to achieve just that, by presenting all the fundaments in a way that I believe is the most logical and comprehensively graded step by step method, available anywhere.

    Interestingly all of my successes with this publication, have been achieved without any formal advertising whatsoever.

    However, I now realise it’s time to change that factor, especially in regards to the digital version. Therefore my goal is to find the most effective way to go about spreading this message?

    And that in a nut shell, is why I’m going to your seminar.

  106. Hi, Derek!
    My biggest why is my son. I quit my 8-5 job so I could be the one to guide and nurture him, especially that he has special needs. To support our finances, I work at home part-time as a VA for a local travel agency and after discovering the many possibilities, plan to have my own online business and increase my income to be able to help not just my own but others, too. To live the life most people only dream about. Since then I have been grabbing opportunities to learn from people like you. Thank you for making your workshop super affordable and accessible and looking forward to meeting you in Cebu.

  107. Hi Derek!

    I have 2 major “whys”
    1. I want to help my mom with her online business.
    2. I want to do this while I’m still young and grab this great opportunity in life.

    See you on June 5! 😀

  108. We don’t have to leave the Philippines and work as Overseas Filipino Workers to make our dreams come to pass.

  109. I want to be able to travel the world with my loved ones and not have to worry about losing my steady income while I am at it. I want to be rich enough to help the people I love when they need help. I want to take a lifetime vacation. I want to be able to provide for a family and make our family dreams come true. I want to leave a mark in the world.

  110. I always knew I wanted to have my own business. Every time I was employed, despite giving my best and gaining maturity both on a professional and personal level, I always end up resigning for some reason — usually that I wanted my way and know I couldn’t because I was merely an employee. What held me back all those years was finances. I knew I couldn’t sustain even a small business without money. Now, there’s a window that has opened and I’m jumping right in. My biggest WHY is that I want to get rich. All of us should be rich because it is the only way to really live. For me, for my loved ones, for those who deserve help and lastly to inspire others. Nobody deserves poverty, not even mediocrity.

  111. Hi Derek,

    Thank you for posting this article and for letting us reflect with WHY?

    I want to spend most of my time with my wife, family, and friends. Be a blessing to others and pay it forward. Do what I love doing. Not trading my time for money. No more comfort zone from now on! I will have a great life!

    Looking forward to meet you, learn, and apply what I will learn on 30th May.

  112. Hi Derek,

    i have a big WHY, I want a financial freedom so I can help other people in need, for now I have no means because am also in financial crisis. My passion really drives me to pursue my dream, to help and feed the homeless. I am single mum for my 4 daughters, and currently employed. I want to have my own business because I do not want to be corporate slaves for life. Another thing is I cannot extend any help for the less fortunate if am not going to act right now. Looking forward for the financial freedom.

  113. WHY? because i love helping people, I need to succeed so I could go and help more through mission work here in the Philippines & abroad, and through educating people about financial freedom (I teach part-time in a University)..

  114. My “Why”: I am an advocate of “Pay It Forward” Movement to the least, the last and the lost brethren in the community which I started years ago. I want to sustain it and to do it, I need to fund it. My heart is big for extending help but my means is so limited so much so that I myself is in need of help and was once a dead broke. That’s why I am making everything I can to invest in my personal development, learn as much as I can so I can add value to others as well. I am a single mom to a daughter who is now a second year college. My dream is not limited to giving my family the life I desire for them but also helping others live the life they desire.

  115. Hey Derek. I am a 18 year old student and im still studying. i read through this post and it really got me thinking on the WHY. You see, i guess, my WHY would be becoming successful and rich as early as possible. Also, as a son, i have to take care of my parents when they are old.The sooner i get rich, the longer i can make them live a carefree and happy life. Also who the hell doesn’t want to own a Ferrari hahaha. Cant wait to see you tmr! 🙂

  116. I had a very successful career and a dream job of working for luxury cosmetics MNC for the last 2 decades. That gave me a comfortable life as I have made lots of money for the company. As i move on to what can be the last couple of decades of my life, I want to fulfil my own dream and desire to have a successful business without the corporate processes and protocol. However i dont have big capital etc, as I am a single mum with my kids are still school going. Thus i WANT to start out, be successful.
    Teach me how. Thank you.

  117. I’ve had a good life years ago and I lost them all due to legal battle. I know what good life is and I am prepared to rebuild a great life now. You are absolutely right about it being more than just money. A great life to me is one that provides me with financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom to provide better lives for the people I love and use those new found freedoms to create a better life for those in need in society. Yes, I MUST succeed.

  118. Hi Derek.

    20 years ago (1997) the great monetary crisis swept the world, many countries were badly hit. i was one of the victim that was swept into financial woes, almost became a bankruptcy. since then i have never been able to get up and back on my feet again. WHY i must attend this session ? i believe this could be the X-factor that i am looking for the past 20 years in order to maintain my great life like before.

    see you this saturday Derek.

  119. I just retired 3 months ago. What I wanted for the next phase of my life is to live in financial freedom and a choice of using my owm time to gain financially sufficient to support my essential expences till old age if I live longer than expected and lesser burden to my family.

  120. Hi Derek
    It took me sometime to decide to sign in for your session. Becos if It was going to be another sales preview, I have not enough money to buy the expensive program that will be for selected few.
    Here are my whys:
    Working long hours more than 10 years & putting effort & heart in my work. But the boss still said ‘you not doing good enough, maybe you not suited for this job.’
    The need to live & thrive not just survive. to live without fear of ‘will I still have a roof overhead Tmr.’
    Regain dignity.
    Time & means to take care of my basic needs & welfare so that I can Support others who are in need & worthy.

  121. I have an ambition of setting my own business in the future- a successful company. I ‘must’ do this because i want to be exposed to the numerous other opportunities out in the world that I wouldn’t get to have if I had stayed in my comfort zone and get a normal 8-5 job like everyone else. Henceforth, I want to discover myself and realize what I am capable of doing and start doing it diligently, such that if someone ask me to watch my fav tv, I have the power to say NO and continue on my ambition to turn my dream into a reality

  122. Hi Derek,

    This is one of the great post I read. The most important will be the “Why” question, which I repeatedly asking myself after reading this post.

    (1) Am I satisfied with my current situation?
    Answer: Definitely not. Working hard and long hours daily without earning the proportional amount of money

    (2) Do I want a change in my life?
    Answer: I MUST change the destiny of my life. I want to spent more time with my family while making money at the same time. It doesn’t mean that I want to be lazy but I want the freedom and flexibility in my life.

    Hope that by attending your seminar in 3 days time will help me completely change my life. Look forward to see you in Singapore this Saturday!

  123. hi Derek. I have a desire to help people who are in need and who truly want to do well for themselves, their families and their community. Having a company that is successful will allow me to achieve this, as well as, to gain financial freedom and to leave a good legacy that my own children can benefit from. I have done some research on what I would like to pursue. So listening to you and learning on what I need to do to make it successful is key. The market that I intend to venture into will be rather challenging.

  124. To help women learn how to build their own wealth and create financial independence and security for themselves and their loved ones.

  125. Why? So that I can fulfill my dream of being able to support the cause which is close to my heart. See you on Thursday Derek……jovi

  126. Why?
    I must succeed at the online woman’s magazine/Learning portal I have just started.
    It is now or never, I guess.
    Even though I can’t say I am very digitally savvy.
    Yes. Will be there at your fantastic learning experience this Thursday. Thank you!

    1. hey Kamla.. I would be interested to discuss opportunities with you on your endeavour. We could have a Win-Win on both of our goals. Regards Edwin (92709029)

  127. Hi Derek, my WHY is to build a reputation that lasts generation after generation. Right now, I’m thinking of writing a book of entrepreneurs sharing how they grew their revenue from $0~$20,000/ from $20,001~$50,000/ from $50,001~$100,000/ from $100,001~$500,000/ from $500,001~$1,000,000/ from $1,000,001~$5,000,000 ? Would you be able to author the $1mil to $5mil part of what worked best for you ? U can just dictate the content out if u don’t wish to type. I would look for 4 others to co-author the other revenue groups and start off the part for $0~$20,000.

  128. Hi Derek,

    My biggest “WHY?” is because i do not want the feeling of being broke anymore,and believe it or not,my bills are my inspiration. Because of them, I strive more everyday and i want to turn this negative feeling into something positive. I do not want my kids to ask financial assistance from anyone else when I die just so they can pay for my burial nor my medical needs in the future. i do not want to be an employee anymore and give the power to my employer. If i can make this possible not tomorrow,not later but “now” for me,it is the great life..if i can achieve this right now then I can achieve helping others in return as well.

  129. I’m blessed that I can say I already have a good life, but there’s so much I want to achieve, and that’s a great life. BUT WHY? Because I want to have the freedom of enjoying life instead of working to live.. Because I want to pay it forward — by supporting a cause I believe in.. Because I want to educate those people who have the potential to grow but don’t know how to start.

  130. My biggest WHY? Is Financial freedom , so I can help my family and others. As well to have better retirement in the future.

  131. My Why is my family to give them a great future and to be an inspiration to other individuals who are willing to do the things needed to start their own digital business and succeed.

  132. Hi Derek,
    Glad to be attending so pumped with whatever greatness i can bring home there’s massive truth with asking ourselves why since it creates our core drivers to do everything we can it forms a perfect GRIT and tenacity of wanting the great life, as Charles darwin mentioned “Men did not differ much in intellect only Zeal & hard work” this thing plus Abstract mindset is i believe are tools to my goals, though making money isnt the only thing that interest me tbh there’s family friends future and alot more of self fixing that’s the main reason why I wanted financial freedom to create a great environment for each of these F’s to see the byproducts of the things I made and actually see the sawdust of life, anyways looking forward in talking to you personally man!

    Carlo Francisco, PH
    Thrives for continuous development

  133. I want to stop working in the ship, stay at home with my family and still manage to provide their needs! Thay is my “why”

  134. My deepest why is my family, I want to give them the kind of life they really deserve! Next to the poor and the needy. I really wanted to make a difference to them and give something back to the community. I look forward to see you Sir Derek and hear from your training!

    See you soon!

  135. Hi Derek,

    My why is for me to have financial freedom. Because I have been working for 40 years now and I can barely provide for my family. That is my big why.

  136. m from Philippines and I am currently in a real estate industry. And the very reason why I want to continue learning and be successful in this field is because I want to realize the goals I set to my self. To reach my dreams and visions by having correct knowledge and skills to be productive in my sales performance. I treat my job as my business. I want to learn how can I have money to work for me so I can spend more time with my son and with my family than using all my time working hard for money. And someday I will share what i learned to others. I want to give hope and be an inspiration to those people who are less fortunate that they can also be successful in any field they want as long as they are passionate to reach their dreams.

  137. I am currently in a real estate industry. And the very reason why I want to continue learning and be successful in this field is because I want to realize the goals I set to my self. To reach my dreams and visions. I want money to work for me so I can spend more time with my son and with my family. I want to give hope and be an inspiration to those people who are less fortunate that they can also be successful in any field they want as long as they are passionate to reach their dreams.

  138. Good day Derek!

    Greatly appreciate you sharing and teaching us the way to success, Im ecstatic to be a part of your Seminar here in Manila. And to answer you, my why is to make the world a better place for my children.

  139. Great article Derek!
    I’m already excited to hear you live. My biggest WHY, aside from financial and other personal needs, is how I can contribute to this digital age. I’d like to focus more, not just because of my future, but what’s for the future.

  140. Good day, I’m from Philippines and very excited to meet you. My answer to why is that I really wanted to help my parents specially my brothers because I’m the eldest and I want to be the one who will support my brothers in their education. I also wanted to say that I graduated BSComputer Science.

  141. My “why” is that I have always depended on others, first my parents and now my husband (on a dependant visa here, therefore cannot find work easily) Now this is a good life, but I want more, I want to have my own individual identity, built something, contribute to society, make an impact and leave a legacy behind. That I think will be a great life!

  142. Hi sir thanks for give us this kind off opportunity…it will be rally helpfull for me….that can be help me to support my family…my family is not a rich family..I want to help my family….I am from Bangladesh…now I am studying in malaysia…and I do a parte job…and I have to pay my tuition fess…if I get this online business opportunity…it will be help ful for me…thank u sir

  143. Hi sir, I am from Bangladesh…first I want to say sorry..because my english is not really good..my family got financial problem..and now I am studying malaysia…and I have a day job in a resturent….its very difficult that I want to help my family…because how much I can earn I have to pay my tuition fees…one day I just searching something in google on my laptop suddenly I saw ur post…and I feel I can do that..I want to try…its can be very helpful for me…and I was really intersested abut this online bussines….and I think its a great opportunity… for me and for every body….thank u sooo much….

  144. Hi Derek,

    What an awesome post!

    My BIG WHY Is to gain a money freedom and a time freedom

    I am from a poor family background. And for sure i dont want to see my family,my wife and my kids to feel like what i felt before

    If im not the one to start it, who else?

    If not now, then when?

    Its now or never!

  145. I am in my twilight years And I have and must succeed to encourage and help many of my kind who have vast experiences and knowledge to reenergise themselves as value add rather than wind up at the old folks home.

  146. Hi Derek,
    I love this post and I realise something important for me. Thank you for this post. My Why is I want to spend more time with my family and at the same time doing what I love to do. Being able to do both will definitely change my life and to be able to help my parents financially will be a great thing for me.

  147. WHY??? Because I don’t want my life’s like my parents life’s. That’s WHY I’m here to makes my life’s difference from them. I know is not easy for everything’s,but I MUST do this…for the great enemies of my life’s✌️️

  148. I need a business to support me and if possible, i can inherit this business to my next generation. Hope this is the best online business worth to invest.

  149. I want to be able to reach out to educate and empower people of all ages, to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, so we can be resilient to everyday stresses at the same time prevent diseases. But first I have to be educated to obtain the knowhow to reach out. Derek, I think you can help me achieve my objectives and I look forward to meeting you on Saturday, 25 March 2017.

  150. My financial position until now has been such that I had just been keeping my nose above the water. I was a salaried employee until recently when I retired and I had tried all types of physical selling even with my salaried job but financial freedom and success had always eluded me. I badly want the financial freedom and success so that I can spend quality time with my family.

  151. I am paralysed and am wheel chair bound and need a constant source of income to pay for my costly treatments and support my mid aged family with school and college going children and it has to be home based because my mobility is dependent on other people.

  152. I “must” have protections for what I’m having right now. The protections mentioned “must” be my cushions to my breakthroughs in my every undertaking from now and then.

  153. Hi Derek, thanks sharing with us. Starting an online business, it always my dream all along these years. Last 1 month, I resigned from my previous company and go ahead to initiate my dream besides earned a good salary. I do not have the skills on internet business and I like to take this opportunity to learn from this workshop.

  154. Hi Derek,

    My why is I am jobless. So I am not earning. But I need to earn money to live (to buy food, buy cloth, pay for my house and pay for my insurance etc) and to fulfill my obligations towards my wife and children. I am already 52 years old and not getting any call for interview let alone job offer. So this is why I want to start internet business, to have a good life first and if things work, to have a great life.

  155. I really wanted to start doing something for myself and wants to give something to my parents. There is a quote that someone said, do something to make you feel great, not to be happy. i feel motivated and look forward to be ‘great’.

  156. Just retired from a full-time 9-5 job. With the costs of living skyrocketing and the Malaysian Currency depreciating in value like never before, we need to make our retirement fund grow passively and exponentially AND REALLY FAST!

  157. You are absolutely right about the enemy of having a GREAT life is a good life. This “good life” era will be there until I retire… The life after that makes me think….Money still the requirement:
    a) To stay healthy
    b) To make family happy
    c) To contribute back to the society
    Most importantly I want to have the Ultimate FREEDOM as you rightfully stated

  158. The WHY’s:
    1. I want to spend my time doing things I love with the people I love.
    2. To be productive yet with financial and time freedom.

  159. Hi Derek, I’m an only child living with my mom who separated from my philandering dad even before I was born. I was orphaned at 10 and was raised by my grandmother and aunts who provided me well with all of my needs. I had it good than most people in my situation. I’m now a single parent to a charming 8 year old boy diagnosed with autism which doctors suspected was due to his moms drug use, which I had no idea at the time. My emotional why is my fear for my sons welfare, fear that should I pass early with nothing to leave him with from my Just. Over. Broke. work, it would make him very vulnerable and with no one to look after him.

  160. Yes!
    I don’t want to trade my very short time in this earth doing the things I don’t like just because I need this sure money called salary. I want to give my love ones the opportunity to live life to the fullest. See you all later 🙂

  161. WHY… Im a single mother want to provide to my three kids a best life that i could give as much as possible.i have people want to help too and i believe i only can help them if i have financial freedom.

  162. As a recent graduate in China, I have seen how lucrative is the online business in the country especially Alibaba, the pioneer in online marketplace and world’s largest ecommerce company. I have seen how it helped the life of ordinary Chinese, who usually have meager income, in providing better quality of life. It inspires me to replicate at leastpart of its operations in the Philippines. I believe Filipinos have a lot of potential in this industry.

  163. I am 74 years old, retired long time ago at 56 but did several consulting jobs between then and now. Active in sports and a couple of civic activities, I’d like to spend my remaining useful energy to doing things that will help others enjoy their lives as well.

  164. My “Why” is to be able to do stuff that I like to do, to engage myself in projects that are worth my while and still have time for friends and family. I’ve had a lot of notebooks filled with proposed projects and ideas that I’d like to see work out. All these have evolved after 42 years on this planet, and I’m still figuring out how to make things work.

    I took an exit package recently, expecting to get projects a few months after which, unfortunately haven’t gotten back to me yet. I have a few months to burn before I actively seek employment, in the meantime I’m setting up my office and getting leads as to what design jobs I can pretty much get.

    Thanks for asking 🙂


    The Digital World has tremendously grown and in the Philippines more than 40 million Filipinos have social media accounts but 90% do not know how to do business via online. I am an advocate of youth cooperativism here in the Philippines as a means to eradicate poverty. Our youth are in a crisis. Unemployment is very high not only because our education system produces only 14% professional workforce from our youth but also the mindset of employment seeking and not employment generation is programmed in the brain for 14 years of education. Youth Entreprenuership and Cooperativism in Schools (YECS) program of the Department of Education is an elective not a must for students.

    So we produce employees and not employers. And Philippines becomes the best labor exporter in the world. We have 2,447,000 OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers).

    I must become a digital entrepreneur to help our youth become digital entrepreneurs as well.

  166. I want to depart from my comfort zone. I am 35 yrs. old and I’d been working as an employee for 15 years. I wanted to find ways on how to earn online at the same time have time to finally enjoy my life..

  167. I want to BREAK the chain of poverty in our family line. I want to leave a LEGACY to my future family, where my future grand daughters or sons or even their future offsprings will remember and thank me for the sacrifices I made just to change our good life into GREAT life. Honestly, I do not know much who were my grand-grand mother because our famiky were too busy creating our own life and surviving on our feet. And I don’t want that to happen. I want to be remember by my succeeding bloodline when I’m gone. Anyways, I am only 20 years old Sir Derek 🙂 See you soon.

  168. Hi Derek,

    The “WHY’s” that I have is purely for my family and myself. I want to be able to send my kids to any universities they want while driving their own car. I want to have a home that I can call my own in Makati and in my hometown, I’m a proud Palaweno! Most importantly, I want to travel outside the country, this might seem embarrassing but I have never been out of the Philippines while my siblings have been to many countries (and to think that I am the eldest…sad face).

  169. Hello Derek,

    I’m a Filipina and I have a strong will & faith that I can create passive income for myself & my business partners through sharing my product online. To reach more people including abroad and share the benefits of my product so they may experience the beauty of my product.

    I’d like to earn 5M pesos or something greater this last quarter of this year to buy an SUV car & a condo unit in Las Pinas City. Likewise, to reopen my travel & tours & courier services in Robinsons Las Pinas next year 2nd Quarter.

  170. Hi Derek,

    Thanks for igniting the simple yet meaningful question “WHY?”

    There could be lots of connecting statements to such matter, but here’s my ULTIMATE pivotal answer: FREEDOM
    1. Freedom… to spend more time for things I LOVE doing.
    2. Freedom… financially – to get out from the rat race
    3. Freedom… to cherish this short life with loved ones
    4. Freedom… to support charities and implement social development projects
    5. Freedom… to be a successful, full-fledged online entrepreneur
    6. Freedom… to live for purpose God has endowed to mankind

    I am a 27-year old Conference Sponsorship Sales Executive who’s been dreaming to achieve my entrepreneurial goals.
    I’ve been doing online fashion business on the side since I was 21.First made mistakes, learned, then I developed my skills- and I find myself always repeating the process, a life long learning. Well, in different stages progressively better thus I want to hear from the ones who made it through.

    Glad you put emphasis on “must” rather than “maybe”.
    This is the next step then- I “must” meet you here in Manila!

    See you soon!

  171. Hi Derek! I’m excited to meet you at the workshop. I’ve spent so much time finding the right job for me. Trying to take responsibilities that at first I thought I can fulfill better, but in the end, I always felt I’m a failure. I’m getting older and I have no one to spent with for the rest of my life. I enjoyed some of my early years with my family and coworkers at beautiful places in the Philippines. But not all days are bounty. I started to get depressed,probably because of my work and a broken relationship. Now, I’m starting to pick-up pieces of my broken dreams. My biggest WHY I think I must do this now is I want to reach my goals in life:
    1. Serve the community, by being able to help the less fortunate families.
    2. Create an environment, where people in our community can live a happy, peaceful and decent life.
    3. Travel to some beautiful places outside the country.
    4. Build my own family, without any fear, for what future may bring.

    I pray that all these would come, in a right time and in a right place, in God’s Time.

  172. Hi Sir,
    its really my frustration not to be able to sell good in the internet.
    Im already 51 and Im the one who takes care of my mom.
    i really need to be able to do what you will teach so that i could
    earn better onlinewhie looking after my mom.
    Denis Reno Cabrera

  173. I have been through a lot of frustrations in my life. I want to live the best life I could possibly live. God created me to be successful so I could help more people achieve their dreams. I am destined to be a great servant of God and through being an entrepreneur, I know I could reach out to more individuals and lift them up the way God lifts me up.

  174. My why is to visit and eat in the best fine dining restaurant,eat healthy organic food,continue to take natural and organic food supplement, live a healthy lifestyle, visit beautiful places and last but not the least to extend help and elevate the living condition of the poorest of the poor.

  175. I agree, the deepest why will lead us to achieve great things in life! I’m from PH and will be attending your training on Saturday. I’m excited to learn from you about this Digital Business Startup and excited to start my own soon!.

    Thanks for this.! See you!


  176. Hi Derek,

    I am from the Philippines and I am so excited to know more about the Digital Business that you will be sharing with us in the coming days.

    If you will asking me WHY? Simply because of Goodwill! Being a Cancer Survivor was a great challenged for me, and fighting to survive gave me the encouragement to Live Life to the Fullest! I see my success in the Entrepreneurial Aspect will give me more Opportunity to give back to people the blessings that I received during those difficult times in my Life.

    Life is Short, I want to spend every moment of it by Enjoying, Helping and Giving Back to those who are in need!

    God is Good All the Time and All the Time God is Good! =)

  177. Hi Derek,

    I am from the Philippines and I am so exited to attend this seminar this coming Saturday.

    I have been working in call center for 10 years now. Apart from my regular job, I am also a part time real estate agent and I also have a part time business .I am also into blogging and online marketing…

    You might be wondering why am I doing these at the same time. That is because of my biggest why. …I do not want to become a burden to my my family when I retire.Instead, I will spend the rest of my life travelling to different places, live comfortably and care for other people, especially the opressed.

  178. Hi! I’m Trish from the Philippines, and I so look forward to learning about how I can build an online business where I can earn from home and have more time with my family.
    My biggest why has and will always be my family, specifically my children. I want to be able to provide from them and teach them also how they can have this kind of earning potential. My husband and I currently have businesses we are managing, but I don’t see myself working and managing these businesses for the rest of my life. I plan to enjoy life with my family and also inspire other people to live an abundantly blessed life. 🙂

  179. I am from Philippines, and I am looking forward for your free DIGITAL BUSINESS JUMPSTART WORKSHOP. I am 22years old and currently working as an administrative assistant in one of the companies here in Philippines. My salary is just enough for me, for my PERSONAL NEEDS. And I can’t buy my WANTS. Also , of course, I want to build up my new dream house and buy my own car. Travel anytime, anywhere. I am an entrepreneurship graduate, and I want to enhance more my knowledge and ideas in business through your workshop. Hoping it will be a great help.

  180. I always wanted to have a business, but since I need my day job. I want to start an online business then maybe a physical store hopefully.

  181. Hi Sir Derek,
    I already have a printing business here in the Philippines but then like the other employees all what I earn is being used for paying bills,tuition fees,accessories used for business etc … Now why I would like to learn from the expert like you is because I want to have a Financial Freedom just like the other who post a comment here so I cant always think what I will used for tomorrow,and of course I wanted to have more efficient time to my family specially to my kids and to my loving husband..and hoping that we can travel and some particular place in the world as our dream since before hahahah… i dont know how it happens but i know it can be… Tracy Clemente Rueda of CJ CLEMENTE PRINTING SERVICES

  182. I love this post! It really made me think and I believe I have two reasons why – I want to give my children opportunities I never had and eventually spend more time doing what I love to do.

  183. Hi Derek,
    I am 45 years old this year. My beloved mom was passed away in 9th Apr 2016, Is a really a shocking news to my whole family and event to my relatives because there is no symptoms at all before she go or maybe there is but we are not realized.
    After mom gone I realized that the life is too short and things are unforeseen. I don’t want to continue my previous boring life tide up with my office work. I want a New life a NEW me.
    my “WHY” is….
    1. Financial freedom to support myself & family, give them a great life.
    2. Time freedom. I can do plan my own schedule to do the things I wanted to do it for
    so long…charity work, help as many peoples as I can and while I can.
    3. Travel around the world, visit all my dream places.

    See you on 13th at Berjaya Time Square. oh ya, did you know the world “Berjaya” is actually a Malay word. The meaning is “Success” I want o me Success in my future life. So I know “Why” I have to do it and “Must” do it.

    Wish you have a pleasant day a head !

  184. Such a short but straight forward write-up The BIG why is real…

    For me, I want freedom!

    Financial freedom to support myself & family, play the big boy’s toys I had wish a long time, travel around the world like nobody’s business & to support our society (under priviledge)…
    Time freedom needed to care for my Syndrom Down sister, my kids & my folks. Hang out more with my best friends who are working in different countries around the world…

    See you on 12th is a must! Cant wait no more Mr Derek Gehl. We’ll have a great day ahead & thank you for such a great deal offered to the public!

  185. WHY? I do not want to wake up each day and worry how am I going to pay the bills or how am I paying-off the mortgage.

    I want to provide the best living for my family that money can buy, and also having time to spend with them.

  186. All that God Almighty Guides me through HIS Holy Spirit of God, I will accept to try and succeed as it is all part of HIS plan for me. It is all for ILAHI programme for me on this Earth. In Jesus’ Mighty Name.

  187. Having financial freedom, travel the world and start up charity foundations with stream of income to support it.
    Life is too short to stuck in 9-5 jobs to pay the bills.See uou at the seminar

  188. I am retired for almost 2 years now and have dream to be independent . i have had good experienced in Management and good life during my 27 years career as an employee.
    Once i retired i felt left behind and life zero ! I have tried to do SMEs business but failed to start. Motivation was out !

    When i read Jumpstart i suddently Moving again and felt Life is still ON.

    After reading your message , My real ‘WHY’ is Why Not ? Make Life is Great again .

  189. Hi Derek,

    My WHY is to create financial freedom for my family and to show to my children that the best shot to get this is thru entrepreneurship.

  190. Good is not good enough, I wanna create a legacy for my family, my childrens children… a solution to other problems. Hope you can bring me there

  191. Hi Derek,

    True enough, if our goals and dreams become our must-achieve, we definitely can achieve them.
    Already signed up for it…But unfortunately i have to cancelled it because not enough cash since i already spend for my son fees

  192. For me It’s a must. My why is freedom – financial freedom, time freedom, creative freedom of doing what I want & lead a happy life for myself and my wife.

  193. Hi Derek,

    Why ? I have a dream..I want to be somebody that is important to me & my Family.. An Entrepreneurial that achieve success in both Business life & personal life..I want to be a husband and a dad that my family can be proud of.. A dad that can turns the dream of their children into reality. I have tried a lot of things..Now i need a jumpstart..

  194. Hi Derek,

    Currently, I have no permanent job and no other choice.
    So, I need multi source of incomes to take care of my family, debts and fullfill my dreams.

  195. Hi Derek , very inspiring post and looking forward for Friday.
    Giving my kids what I never had, not only financially but showing them that they can achieve and chase what they want in life. Productivity, and recognition those are the reasons of my WHY.

  196. My why is :

    I wanna help my mom & sister and the rest of my family who supported me through my journey with their love and kind,
    hope one day I can live with them back again even for 1 day .

    Family is everything <3

  197. Hi Derek
    My greatest why is that I want to have the financial freedom for me in this life and when I’m gone, my kids will have the option and the financials for them to kick start their dreams.

  198. My why is:
    I love waking up and knowing that today is going to be different, challenging, fun and it is going to give me the life I want.
    I want choice in life, and running a successful business will give me that.

    I want to be where my best friend is….Living the dream.

  199. Hi Derek,

    My “why” is to have sufficient passive income in order to live a life doing the things I like, instead of being forced to do work that do not interest me.

  200. Hi Derek! I’ve made a website recently but have not done anything about it. My consultant fr US has been calling me and drop several emails even upgrade it for me. But my mind require more infos to understand the concept before I communicate with him. I need a motivation. U came along and I wanted to know the exact similar thing that I am doing but not initiating. I’d like to hear from u.

  201. Hi Derek, Great post. My ‘why’ is simple. Its finding the reason to get up every morning and doing something worthwhile. To change my good life to a great life. I always thought I had the great life when you pointed out the things I am missing. I have always had this fear of retirement. Without an assured paycheck every month how am I going to make ends meet after retirement from my job of 40 years. Dont get me wrong I love my job and I wish I could do it forever but thats not possible or is it? If I could do what I do for my company but now for myself and my own company that would be the greatest gift. If somehow I could monetize and contribute all I know to my customers and expand this realm of possibilites to orhers, now that would be a great reason to get up in the morning. I cant wait to start this adventure. Please help me.

  202. Hi Derek, my “why” would be to do things for which I am passionate of. Make a career in my interested field. of course all other things above will be part of it 🙂

  203. Good question there to trigger some deep thinking Derek.
    Yes, I agree most of us allow time to be wasted not mindfully,
    before you know it, at least for me, 46 years gone and I have not achieved
    much in life.
    Not being mindful, will not question why things that way? how is it being done?
    when is it done? what need to be done? or why it need to be done in the first place?!

  204. Hi Derek, I fully agree with what you have taught but life is such that it is always your closest people in life wanting yourself to conform to the “usual” or “good life” and doubt the entrepreneurial lifestyle.. My biggest “Why” is to get my financial freedom with a decent business generating passive income sufficient to replace my current expenses and lifestyle so that I can spend most of my time with my family like you. I’m looking forward eagerly to learn from you on how to change it from maybe to must.. Time is just too precious to be wasted. Thanks, Ken

  205. Hi Derek, My big why is that success for me is an absolute must. I never give up and commit to seeing things done. I want a life where I never have to worry about funds and have enough for my kids education and my later years. But I also want my business to succeed to leave a legacy, to help the people who work for me grow and to make this business bigger than myself.

  206. Hi Derek
    My big why is to have financial freedom to be able to provide best for my kids and myself. However, I think money is also the another why for me now especially I just been retrenched after 15 years of service.
    I look forward to your talk and hope to be one of your successful followers.
    Best regards

  207. Hi Derek
    My big why is to have financial freedom to be able to provide best for my kids and myself. However, I think money is also the another why for me now especially I just been retrenched after 15 years of service.
    I look forward to your talk and hope to be one of your successful follower.
    Best regards

  208. I always see people enjoying their life, spending money buy things that they want to. My life was other way round, I’ve limited cash, lots of commitment, till a day I cross over with a sales person who offered me a credit card ( I never had one that time). So, I decided to take it, I spend it. I buy things that I like, I buy things for my wife and kids, end up I use my credit card to max and I had a hard time paying back, end up with unpaid amount, legal letters. It was a horrible day that time. So I took personnel loan to settle it, which I manage to do it, but I couldn’t manage to pay my personnel loan, and now I’m facing worse financial situation. I really need to get out of this situation. It’s killing me.

  209. Hello Derek I’m Lawrence from KK, Saabah.

    well my why would be simple…. not to mention my work or do I even have a job now, or how steady is my financial now. Why? why other people can do it and why I (as for this moment) still have no idea on what to do and how to start, what is it exactly? I hope with my sets of skill can match the requirement on how to start to be successful entrepreneur.

    see you on 13th March and God bless

  210. I am sick of having little money after serving the forces for almost 35 yrs and all I get are just a fraction from my wages known as pention. I want financial freedom whereby I can do and buy anything without worrying about my family’s daily and monthly expenditure.

  211. My own reasons are financial freedom where by I can go anywhere and buy anything without worrying about the shortage of money,about not being able to finance my own family’s daily and monthly expenditure and finally about having not enough to cover the mogages, credit cards and etc plus about saving enough for any emergencies and old age. I am also sick about after serving the Forces for almost 35 yrs, all I get is just a fraction of my monthly wages known as pension money which are not enough. Just sad and real sad. And I hope to change all these in yr digital workshop.

  212. My WHY is to upgrade financially substantially and credibly.See you tomorrow.Can hardly wait to see you tomorrow.

  213. Hi Derek

    I started out my software startup with my friends about 6 years ago with a dream to solve two problems in the music industry and tourism industry.It was our “dream seed” that drove us to build our start up and we have unique skill sets. However since our start up itself were friends with families we had to on local and oversees contracts to support our livelihood and business. 7 years have gone by and this year we want to go back explore the dream we started our startup for and possibly a workshop such as yours would open up my horizons towards it.I look forward to focusing on what your model suggests and work towards it so that i may procure time and resources in the months to come to reignite our “dream seed” and contribute a better life for my friends, family and society.This is why.

  214. Leaving my job in the oil & gas business for more than 28 years and now retiring, I need to keep on moving and thinking that helps to mentally excel isle my brain. Hence, the word “WHY” is essentially my motivation to keep my time occupied with something worthwhile albeit earning extra income without a hassle of getting up early and spend hours caught in the horrible traffic jam in KL.

  215. I want to protect the people that I care about, to be able to have the time to learn, gather knowledge, acquire skills,all of it simply to protect the people that I care about in my life( and to teach btw).

  216. Hi Derek,

    Guess the “Why” will be the greatest motivator … its all about the our individual’s life purpose

  217. Hi Derek..
    I know that the opportunity to gain income especially in online business is very wide open as there are millions of people going online today to make transactions. But, I need to gain knoledge in online business to start with. Now, I’m doing part time job and my income can’t support all expenses that already incurred. So, it is a ‘must’ to involve in this opportunity and hope it will change my future life.

  218. Hi Derek,

    My why is simply to find the means to make sure my other financial commitments doesn’t get me into serious trouble and stop the need to continue liquidating existing assets..

  219. Hi Derek
    I have thus far lived a good life, but the recent global meltdown of oil commodities, currencies and equities with deflationary pressures and the introduction of negative interest rates have awaken me up to realize that our old proven solutions can no longer solve today new problems!

    These propel me to rethink new ways like the digital solution to fix today myriad economic problems!

    Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday

  220. Hi!Derek, I do agree on focusing. My Why is to learn how to apply internet techniques to enhance my business.

  221. Hello, Derek, thanks for your guidance and sharing ! First time heard from your background and looking forward to see you at Berjaya Timesquare on Thursday. Stefan here from Malaysia who still is a degree student but already last year, I had thought a lot about “WHY” I would choose this path .It is because :

    (i) I BELIEVE the magic of the online business and as an introvert , I finally found my own comfortable way to work on something that I very enjoy in my life,

    (ii) I dont wish to just waste the rest of my life to work for a company everyday from 9am to 6pm , help them generate million dollar of revenue but I am just earn only RM2k each month , have to limit my budget plus my freedom had been constrained. Based on current economic condition, it is totally impossible for fresh graduates to survive.

    (iii) I want to prove that my decision is right as my friends and family dont believe for what I am doing now, and just hope I can graduate soon and come out to find a JOB.

    (iv) I hope can travel around the world and live a life without leaving any regrets.

    (v) As the eldest son, I know sooner or later the main responsibility will eventually fall upon my shoulder and hope my parents can get retired earlier and let me take care of them.

    (vi) Lastly, this is one of my personal main goal which is hope can make a significant impact on underprivileged people’s life like me , contribute the knowledge that I learnt and knew to the society ,inspire them and open their mind to DREAM BIG.. !

    Feeling very excited and hope can learn something from you that totally can overturn my entire life !



  222. Hi Derek, Thanks, I see why, it’s important for me to have the why. Since I arrived Kuala Lumpur I’ve tried 3 jobs, each had different reason for me leaving. Not sure if it’s my adjustment working here, end result, it has pulled me down in different ways; affecting my self esteem, my capabilities and able to perform. I want to be able to depend on myself and not work for someone trying to please. This so I can respect myself and others again. Thank you. See you on Thursday, KL.

  223. Hi Derek,
    My “Why” is to create the financial freedom to do what I want with my family and friends. To reach out for more people and to help them if I’m in that position.

  224. Thanks for the email prompt about the workshop on Thursday the 10th. I am British and my wife is Azerbaijani, but we both live in Kuala Lumpur. I am semi retired but am passionate about what I do best and that is consultancy, much the same as you i would imagine. However, jobs are very few a far between at present so I must devote time to build a client base that gives me a reasonable income. My WHY is that I have six grandchildren all living in Azerbaijan and I want to make sure that they have the best possible education available to them and have the ability for them to visit me anytime. So actually I have six Why’s. See you on Thursday

  225. Hi Derek,

    Thank you for creating this opportunity. I am grateful to be living the “good life”. however my “WHY”, is to be able to manage my time effectively. to be able to spend quality time with my family. A flexible time management in this fast modern and digital era.

    Hence,the digital business. “Why”, it is my platform to stand on my two feet. Not relying on family inheritance nor from working for others but to actually make my dreams into a reality. Earning my own income from something i love with the flexibility of time.

  226. Hi Derek,
    My why is I want to be able to do what I love and earn passively. I want to be there for my four teenage boys instead of away working and not having time to spend with them. I want to give them opportunities that I was not able to have. Finally, giving back to society and paying my bills without worry.

  227. I truly agree with you Derek!! My parents have lived the hard way all this while and I hope to change that soon. :):)

  228. Derek, that is very an essential question on stepping up to success, ‘WHY?’.I would say that I share almost the same WHYs with other people,
    -For the sake of my family happiness and continuation of proper living
    -To make my life a happy one, without any stressful problems & negative living
    -Freedom to do anything that I desire and dream before
    On top of everything, giving back to the community and fully utilize my skills to educate people with positive vibes. Can’t wait to see you Derek in Shah Alam this 8th, to hear from yourself how to make growth in our business in a smart way. See you there!

  229. Hi Derek,

    My “Why” is to give my wife and myself a less financially fraught lifestyle in our latter years, and travel and assist charitable organisations.

  230. Hi Derek
    Looking forward to Saturday and appreciate the extra mile you go!
    My Why
    1 When I think about what I want, it’s expensive!
    2 After making money and having the things I want to help my partner and children I want to contribute to Foster children in my own way as I have worked with them and see needs that aren’t being met with them
    3 I want to be involved in helping children and animals in need.

    I have been in your course since last year, and through that I have had serious health issues. But I am becoming better now and should be up to taking on some great stuff on Saturday. The niche that appeals to me is growing herbs, then moving in to growing a kitchen garden and then in to cooking with all these healthy things!

    See you soon and many thanks Annalisa

  231. Hi Derek,

    Thank you for pointing out the most obvious question…Why?

    My parents started out pretty much from nothing. They created a successful business from scratch and it has been operating for over 30 years. During that time, they have always dealt with buying/selling property, Shares and anything that has the potential to have a good or steady return. My dad always told me not to have all your eggs in the one basket and to learn to adapt to change.

    My “why” is, currently we are relying on my husbands income to cover our recently purchased Renos-delite house and all our living expenses. He starts at 7am and generally doesn’t finish till 5-6pm. I can see it’s wearing him out. We have a 20th old son and My income is equivalent to 10-12% of what he earns for the year. (its chicken feed) Everything is relying on his income…and obviously how well of a financial position the owner of the company he works for are in. All our egg are in the one basket!!

    Currently I have a small school photography business that I would like to put online. I need to take to very late step in creating an online purchasing store for my business. Which would put a lot of ease on the ordering process and then I will look at outsource the editing process. This business is only a seasonal business so I want to be able to have another form of income.

    The house that we purchased was far from what all my friends wanted. They would look for the new, stylish, hip style homes to have a family in. We on the other hand have gone with a real Reno that once we have partially completed we will be renting part of the house out to create an income (ease the mortgage).

    I look forward to meeting you and learning the steps to making this happen.

  232. For me this sort of blog and the information in it is not new. I have been reading a lot of books as well about goalsetting, trying to overcome your fears etc (fe Napoleon Hill, Think rich, grow rich). My why has to do with getting the financial freedom for especially my husband to quit work and have the time to spend travelling, being around familly and giving back to the community by supporting a good cause.
    Have started in property investing 2 years ago and want to expand my passive cashflow. Hope your workshop can help me achive this! Looking forward to meeting other likeminded people and getting more knowledge about how to achieve my goals.

  233. Until reading this Blog I really never put a lot of emphasis on the importance of my “why”.

    It has been pointed out to me that a “why” is needed, however, my “why” blended in with a lot of other good advice.

    Everything falls into place and makes sense now my “why” has been prioritised.

    Looking forward to the workshop in Brisbane and the chance to meet you in person.

  234. Love this blog post Derek. The strong and undeniable “Why” is vital for success.
    I already have an internet business and my “Why” is to make a difference in the older generations lives (Baby Boomers, although being one myself, I cringe to use that term). To help them achieve peace, purpose and prosperity in their retirement. And of course, in doing so, to create financial freedom for me and my husband. I started my online journey after attending one of your workshops in 2012(?) and am looking forward to reconnecting.

  235. Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the seminar on Saturday in Sydney. You really opened my eyes to what an opportunity is available.

    My ‘Why’ is probably pretty similar to others:

    1. To provide financial freedom to family. In particular, so my wife can be a Stay At Home Mum.
    2. To be a philanthropist with the Cricket Club and Scout Group I am heavily involved with. To provide donations and more of my time to help the next generation and the generations after that.

    Planning on getting stuck in over the next 12 months. You will definitely hear more from me!

    Thanks again

  236. Thank you Derek. It’s a great post.

    I always want a financial freedom but couldn’t make a “must do”, because lacked of confident. I want to learn more skills and find out how can I get an income accelerator.

    Look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

  237. Hi Derek,
    For over 30 years I have had a photographic business . My ” Why” is that I now want to challenge myself to create a successful online business by maximising profit from stock photographs.
    I have created a website which will go online Monday but do not have a clear structure to drive sales.
    I am very grateful to have the opportunity to attend your seminar tomorrow (Sunday).
    Thank you.

  238. Hi Derek
    I have been an entrepreneur all my life but due to following my passion I have been dealing for years in not so prosperous markets. I feel I have the skills and energy but a financial backlog and need to change my business life. I have already taken action. Sold off parts of my business and now wanting to add business that creates faster income. Multiple stream stuff. More powerful scaling.
    Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday!

  239. Hi Derek,

    I will be attending your seminar on Sunday in Melbourne and after a few years of reading business books this is my first seminar.

    My why is pretty simple. I’m currently backpacking through Australia and although finding jobs is possible, I want to be in charge of my own income. I want to spend more time seeing different parts of the world and not constantly be worried about where I’m finding the next dollar.

    I’ve been reading detailed books about starting online businesses and I’m extremely excited to learn the lessons you have to offer.

    See you Sunday!
    Justin, 22, Canada

  240. This is fabulous Derek, I am attending to learn how to create an internet business to compliment my interest and passion for education in particular mindfulness meditation and the application of this for nurses.

    1. Hi Jenny… I LOVE that you already have a well defined idea and niche! Let’s get this kickstarted. See you on the weekend!! 🙂

  241. Hi Derek
    I’m coming to your Digital Income Jumpstart on Sunday, in Melbourne. My why? I have lived a great life then it was a good life. Things change – now I want to build a great life again. To live without financial concerns, in the house I want to live in. Support my kids business ventures – 3 out of 4 of them are small business owners. Be busy with the things I want to do – not have to do.

  242. Hi Derek, I Must…I can’t not stress enough that I MUST achieve financial stability fast. I have a 30 years of mortgage hanging over my head and I do not want to be working for the next 30 years slavering over my mortgage. I want to clear this mortgage quick and fast and be debt free so I can spend more time with my children and my mum. They are my world my life.

  243. I’m inspired by your post, Derek, and am looking forward to flying to Australia from Hong Kong just to attend your seminar in Sydney this Saturday (27th Feb) before flying back the same evening.

    My answer to ‘Why’ is simply that, after 40 years on this planet we all share, I want to really start living and stop being dependent on my job and the whole rat race. I would like to own my own business rather than work for a business owner.

    I’ll be a little late arriving, but looking forward to seeing you there this Saturday!

    1. I hear you Kiat! Owning your own business and controlling your own destiny is very empowering. Thanks for making the trip all the way from Hong Kong. I look forward to meeting you this weekend.

  244. Love this post Derek! I agree that if we really want change, we have to make it a MUST.

    For years, I’ve wanted to start my own business but I’m unsure with where to start and how. Really looking forward to this Saturday, hoping to get inspired and get me moving to the next stage! 🙂

    As for my Whys..
    1) I want financial freedom so I can have free time to do what I enjoy and spend more time with my family.
    2) My parents have sacrifice so much for me and it’s my turn to take care of them. I want to pay off my parent’s mortgage and take them travelling around the world.
    3) I want to give more back to society and help others in need
    4) I want to own my own home and build up wealth for my future family and retirement days.

  245. Hi Derek,

    Firstly, I would like to mention that I very much appreciate your help to others fulfil their dreams and I am very excited to see you this Saturday.

    For myself, firstly I would like to achieve financial freedom and support my dearest once. I would then have time for myself to do things I would love to do once of which will include some social, charitable and volunteer work to improve the living standard of poor families in Nepal and educate them.

  246. Hi Derek. To answer “Why”..for me is i wanted to have my “own”time and financial freedom. Infact it takes courage to create any changes and to move from the comfort zone that Im so used to. I would say i need the change so that my kids will have a good education and so that I can be happy with my life. Looking forward to seeing you and to learn how can i change my future.

  247. Hi Derek,

    I am a Canadian living in Malaysia, and I am so excited to see your workshop tomorrow. I have wanted to start an online business for so long but never knew where to begin or how to get this done.

    My why’s

    1. Now that my parents are retiring I want to be able to take care of them and help them financially to enjoy there golden years. They have always been there for me and it is my turn to be there for them.

    2. I have always wanted to travel around the world and help those in need and bring smiles and hope to those who are less fortunate.

    3. I want to be proud and make others proud of what I am doing in my life.

    Thank you for what you are doing and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


    1. Always good to see a fellow Canadian abroad!

      Those are fantastic “Whys”. Supporting your family while at the same time being to enjoy life. I respect that!

  248. Hi Derek, I’m waiting this opportunity long long time ago. Hope this the event is want I want. Actually,I’m been thinking doing online business years ago but never start due to resource and knowledge I have make me stop moving forward. Even though I know online business is the best way to doing business.
    Recently, I just start doing something even thought I scare and still uncertainty how to boost and doing my online business. BUT I must move forward.

    WHY I must do online business.
    1. I want time and financial freedom.
    2. Spend valuable time with my children and grow with them. Beside, with my children also with my family.
    3. Secure my retirement days.

    Really great to heard and found out your event. Hope this coming Saturday can help me more understanding and how others ppl doing online business.

    Thanks Derek. Meet you soon.

  249. My ‘Why’ is to run a business online to help those old and those who are dependent on their busy children to get them their daily needs , be it medicine,foodstuffs or provisions to be delivered at their homes fast. People nowadays are in need of these fast as with our fast moving generation and with heavy traffic everywhere,they don’t get their items on time and it is a big frustration to the elders.This also applies to the sick old or young.

  250. After I retired, I was planning to start a business (conventional or internet) but without adequate capital, it was impossible to start a conventional business! I got interested in internet business as I saw the potential in it. I learned the hard way to create a Facebook account but do not know how to generate business (market) through it. What luck when I saw your advert and immediately signed up. I have big dreams like travelling the world, helping educate abandoned children from shelter homes so that they can become good citizens of the country and help others too. Helping handicapped cope with life and guide and teach them to be self sufficient.

  251. Hi Derek,
    I always wanted to do contribute something to the community out there. Families who are struggling to give the best education to their kids, Specials kids who need extra attention & facilities, Establishing community service centre, Give the best to my family and so on… Yes doing Charity is my main key, but how am i suppose to do it when I am not well established in term of financially. In order to achieve my Goals, I must able to do something which could generating Good passive income. Therefore i am really looking forward to see you and gain more knowledge on 17th Oct 15. God Bless ….

  252. Hi Derek,
    My WHY.? Its been a long time i have this passion doing things on my own but there is always something stops me moving foward, maybe i am too scared what things go wrong or financial constrain make my dreams to stop thinking my passion. Here i am attending a workshop for the 1st time to need some kinda a boost for me to move from my so call comfort zone.I have been working for people for 20years, too tiredof taking orders getting critics and sometimes you feel like not getting what you deserve to be rewarded after all the efford you make. I wanna get free from this, where i have a life on my own with financial freedom , help people and most important. LIVE MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Hope i can get some aspiration when i met you in person.

  253. I love my career and my job as a mother at the same time. However i need to advance with time and technology to allow myself to be able to complete in the ever changing world. My ultimate motive would just be for the reason of my family be it financial and time freedom. Live life to the fullest !
    Truly inspired and look forward to meet you in person derek !

  254. Yes! I read through your infro and its really make me excited to make more money for what I have been dreamimg and aiming ot for lomg time. Derek, as you know, my education is not much and just secomdary school and i’m a ver self determination and positive thinkimg for makim mote mpmey, that not harmful to others. Its just due to me, not good in Internet, or online dealing, but i’m willimg to learm as I could, for what chinese say, getting old learning till you old. My dream of making more money, and wish can get the best and sucessful traimg from you in online business. For my age concern, am I too old to learn this online business? Pls behonest to me. I dream of making more money.

  255. It’s time I take charge of my life, to pursue dreams any time I wish but only if I have the financial freedom … The next pushing factor will be the kids, to provide only the best for them; good education and travel for holidays around the globe and enjoy life to the fullest. Lastly, I’d like to help the needy around me and make consistent contributions for the betterment of their quality of life. I pray these dreams of mine is granted one day and who knows it could this time?

  256. My “WHY” is because the conventional business model is getting tough and highly competitive. The method of DIGITAL business is the new system for the e-entrepreneur this days, where by now the world is moving to 21st Century of digital world. As you says the Internet is getting easier to use and connectivity if much faster now compare the back years. So i would like to take this opportunity finding out more how to make effectively and right steps to earn more money break thought financial freedom.

  257. Hi Derek,

    My “why” is age is catching up. I don’t think I would have the same energy level to do what I am doing now. So I must start something that I could do in a more relax manner. I would love to be able to invite family and friends over for a cup of coffee or tea whenever I want to and bake them a nice cake. The problem is I don’t have any product idea. Hope I will find the answer after attending your workshop.

  258. Simply put, I want to obtain financial freedom in order to support my family, spent quality time with my parents (they are not getting younger), traveling young and living an adventurous,exciting life.

  259. Thanks for the info. “why” I would like to spend more time with my family, friends and do my own things but right now i own them this precious time. Hardly to apply leave because of the nature of my job & limited myself to enjoy my life.Definitely I would like to have financial freedom and more time for loved ones and can go for adventure. So see you tomorrow.


  260. Hi…..My WHY is to be able to find an additional source of income to secure my finances right until after retirement !

  261. Late starting in this industry,Dont have a clue but this i know,I am desperate to travel and i want to live an excited life.Need to See my ministry thru the projects that we have.Educate and inspire the young underpreviliged.
    Thank you Derek for this opportunity.God Bless.

  262. My big ‘WHY’ is I want to have more time with my family. I wish to see my kids grow up day by day. I didn’t have any baby yet. I hope two years is enough for me to be a financial free. So during that time I can focus with my kids.

  263. Hi Derek Gehl,

    I have my “WHY” since 2012 after my x-co been raided and left me with court case which was solved early of this year, then 2013 I been invited to jv with partners on so called “Big Dream” project with good benefit then I put behind my “WHY” first til these few months realized everything were just a dream with talks. So, I decided to leave ‘loser’ position by taking nothing from them and get back my “WHY” instead of keep let peoples hijacked me from behind or used for their dreams.

    So, my “WHY” is family. Especially, my mom’s knee surgery cost.

    I really really, badly, needed, must-achieve on this.
    Because, I have nothing to lose anymore in life. I dream big.

    Can’t wait to see you, sir on 14th Oct at KL.
    Jackie Tiew

    1. Thanks for sharing Jackie. It is easy to let other people hijack our time to support their ‘why’, putting us further and further away from achieving our own goals and dreams. Glad to hear you are taking your time back to focus on YOUR ‘why’!!! See you on Wednesday. 🙂

  264. I am looking forward to the Digital Income Jumpstart! I have built a website over the past few months: http://vaped.my

    It is an online portal / vaping guide for the Malaysian community. The moment I learned about the DIJ, I knew I have to attend no matter what. You see, the site attracts 600-700 uniques (or users) daily. It used appear on google on the first page when “Malaysia Vape” is searched but now it is on second page.

    I thought it is about time to make this work for me to achieve my financial goals!

    My whys:
    Simply put, I want to have ownership of my own life.

    1. First I want to commend you for already taking action and building your website and I hope I can share some powerful tips and strategies to really help it take off! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  265. I want to have real financial freedom, not to worry whether I will have enough in the years to come, and give the best to all the people that I love dearly

  266. Hi Derek, as for me I want total freedom of time and money. I just want to be happy and able to travel the world with my family. See you in Kl on 14 Oct.

  267. Derek – That’s some real good insight into ones dreams which most people have but don’t know how to get there..
    To be honest my take is the shear satisfaction of doing something by myself and being independent in life which my day job is not.

  268. Awesome post, Derek! Knowing the “WHY” upfront make me aware what exactly is the outcome I want to achieve. The outcome is more than just making money (as you said), and to me it is time freedom and the opportunity to connect with what I enjoy doing ie teaching and sharing my passion of wealth creations. Once this is identified, doing the hard work has a lot meaning. See you Friday Derek!

  269. During my time being an employee, I felt a great deal of time and energy got wasted in internal and external ‘politics’ related to organizations. I always felt a person can do a lot more benefit to the society if the resources are spent efficiently on actual work.

    This is exactly what I want to achieve by being on my own. The other basic needs of time with family and financial freedom do exist, of course.

    The internet has changed the life greatly, I am keen to explore the frontier that you are going to show this Friday!

    1. Thanks for sharing Srinivas. I feel the same way… so much time is waster on bureaucracy and politics. That definitely goes away when you get to be your own boss.

  270. I fully agree with you. Its not about the money its about our purpose. We need to find our own WHY?

    My WHYs are:-
    1. I want to be financially free in the next 5 years so that I do not have to depend on my children support me
    2. So that I can spend more time with my wife and doing the things we love which is travelling

    See you ion Fri.

    Thanks Derek

    1. Thanks for sharing Bernard and I’m happy to see you are clear on the “why”! Looking forward to meeting you.

  271. Thanks Derek for reinforcing the whys!
    Must admit that am having the good life but the dissatisfaction still sets in as time with loved ones are limited, bills to pay, the rat race of going to work.
    I want this as I want a financial freedom, be able to live anywhere in the world without a job to go to 9 to 5 daily, commuting .
    I believe this will give me the flexibility of time, being anywhere in the world (if I decide to migrate) earn a lot more for less, more time with family, no worries about retirement & leaving a legacy for my kids to emulate the life.
    Thanks again Derek & see you soon!

  272. Always the WHY that makes us cry.
    That is my view of the above.
    I always wants financial freedom and a happy lifestyle for my family.
    With this session, i will love to understand more on how u do it which i have miss my target audience.
    Can’t wait to meet n here from you this Friday(9 oct)at Suntec Convention Hall.

  273. Oh wow, I needed to read this!

    Was feeling annoyed with myself for not getting into the digital business earlier, and I know now its because life is “good” and I wasn’t as compelled to make it great! I have 2 clear whys which are so important to me, which I need to remind myself of more often.
    1 To have a lot more the time with my son to help him in his growth and development and
    2 Peace of mind for my retirement days!

    Looking forward to the session this Friday and getting my digital business going!

    1. Those are fantastic “Whys” Shyla. I can relate… when my son Hunter was born that really changed the way I looked at life and made me reprioritize and find a better way. See you Friday!

  274. Hey Derek, This have to be the greatest post i came across so far.
    After reading your post, realising that the “WHY” you referring to is
    actually the motivation i looking for in life. Been working through my
    life thinking what exactly am i working for. Is it for the Family? Is it for
    foods? Or is it for needs? Above all are the priority, but if i slog my life
    without enjoying it, how good can i be? If i slog my life for the family
    but no time for them, how much precious moment did i miss? TIME is the
    keys for the “WHY”. I want my time to be flexible, i want to have both MONEY and
    TIME in my life. We only live once, so seize the moment enjoy the life.

    1. Thanks for sharing Felix. You hit the nail on the head… “Time” is the key. It’s a truly finite resource and we need to make the most of what we are given!

  275. This post came as a great reminder to why we are doing what we are currently doing. Often times, we neglected to spend time to think about the “Why” of doing certain things.

    As for me, I am looking for freedom:
    – freedom of time to do whatever i like without having to report to anyone, and most importantly to spend time with loved ones
    – freedom of money to acquire anything that I wish to
    – freedom of location to allow me to be anywhere that I want to be
    – freedom as in having peace of mind

    Successful online businesses can allow us to achieve all that. But before all the freedom comes about , be prepared to work smart and work hard using the right skills and mindset.

    Have shared this post with my team members to remind them of their “Why”.. 🙂

  276. The enemy of a great life is a good life – oh man, that is SO true. I see that with all my ex-colleagues (I resigned, not them!) who have a big case of the golden handcuffs.

    My why is this: I want (and need) freedom of my mind. Space and time to do what is good for myself, my family and for the world in general.

    Thanks Derek for your ongoing inspiration.

  277. It’s a meaningful post Derek. My ‘why’, I love working where I want and when I want, this freedom. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I first discovered my why after my first webinar with you, and then more ‘whys’. While working online, I get to spend time with my girl and boy and pass on (slowly) what I’m doing, teach and support others as well. So for me, it’s meaningful. Thank you so much Derek!

  278. Hi Derek,

    This is an awesome article. I’ve heard this about having a strong why and while I totally agree that while it is the most important factor to attaining success, however many struggle with the what’s my real WHY?

    I am sure that there are steps and processes to nail this down… will you be sharing some tips on how to do this in your seminar?

    I have a good life now but I want a great one! See you soon.

  279. I would have to agree with the posts above. The words that come to mind are freedom and flexibility. The online market allows one to have more of each of these in their lives. It allows you the freedom to be with family more for example. It allows you to have the flexibility to be anywhere at anytime and still be just as efficient in day to day operations as you would be behind a desk 8 – 5.

    My WHY is time and online marketing allows me to spend more of it doing what matters most.

    Thanks Derek

  280. Great post Derek.

    It’s always the ‘BIG Why’ that comes deep from the heart that makes the biggest difference between a good and great life.

    My why is simple…being able to be who I choose to be, do what I do choose to do and have what I choose to have without any constraints…at whenever and wherever I choose to.

    That’s all 🙂

  281. Great post Derek! I think you nailed all three obstacles that prevent most of the people to live life the way they always dreamed of.
    I have to admit that it took me few years to realise that it is really a “must” for me rather than a “maybe”. Luckily the “why” was never a question as I had far too many realistic dreams in my teens and twenties. So why am not there yet? My “good life” has been indeed prevented me to live a “great life”. And this is I am about to address now 🙂

  282. Thanks for the great post Derek. The ‘why’ is so important even before we get to the how. When I quit my 8 to 6 job 4 years ago, I wanted to escape from the bureaucracy at my job. I knew what I did not want but I was still uncertain about what I wanted. Nevertheless, I made the leap. 4 years later, I was glad I made the choice because not only had I managed to get out of the situation I did not enjoy, I found a purpose in life. I discovered that I enjoyed teaching and coaching. Today, I’m doing something I enjoy. This was made possible because I had a great mentor (Derek, that’s you) and online training course which prepared me on every aspect of an online business. I’m using the knowledge I’ve gained to train others and am building an SEO firm to help small and medium businesses to get more traffic to their websites and raise the value of their businesses.

  283. Love this!

    My why is all about freedom of choice. Freedom to spend our time how we want, with who we want and where we want. That means the world to me 🙂

    1. 110% agree. Being entrepreneur allows you freedom… as long as you start the RIGHT business. I see people starting businesses all the time that are basically just ‘jobs’. They don’t have any freedom.

      That’s why I love online businesses. If built the right way they allow you the ULTIMATE FREEDOM. No office. No boss. No commute. You get to choose when and where you work.

      Personally, I would now rather earn less money if it meant having more freedom than the other way around.

      Fortunately, with online businesses you can have freedom AND money 🙂

  284. Hey Derek, true enough, if our goals and dreams become our must-achieve, we definitely can achieve them.

    Can’t wait to see you in 17th in KL. Already signed up for it. See you soon

    1. So true Shawn. I look forward to meeting you in KL! I’m currently locked in my hotel in Singapore getting ready 🙂

  285. Great post, I so agree your WHY is sooo important!

    With my husbands family in Canada & mine in Australia my big why is that I want the financial and time freedom to be able to travel between the two countries whenever we like.

      1. Hi Derek, I agree with the quote that you shared..the enemy of a great life is a good life. As I dont have a good life I must have a great life.

        1. I have a big dream and i know i can make my dream true. For Success my dream i can do anything . First i need my Stable place where i can surfing to the Internet. I want a good place where i can make more visitor and easily can get more customer for my web site. Already I have an website but i cannot monetize my wordpress sites to google for Rankings.

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