Top 3 Best Website Traffic Sources To Drive Guaranteed Buyers

Lesson Transcription: Today I want to answer another one of those questions that I’ve been asked over and over for the last 15 years… “What is the absolute, hands-down best website traffic sources?” This is a common question from people who have just put up their website and are starting to drive traffic. Of course, the really important question is: “What is the best source of buyers?” Because traffic is useless if no one is buying! I have a couple of different answers to this question. Best Website Traffic Sources – Your In-House Email List Now, I understand that you need
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How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make Your First Sale Online?

Lesson Transcription:

A questions I am frequently asked when my students put up there first website goes something like this...

“How many visitors do I need to get before I make a sale?”

They want to know how much traffic they should expect to get to their site before they make a sale. This is also known as “sales conversion” or the percentage of people who visit the site who will make a purchase. Now this is a damn tough question to answer because there are so many variables that come into play that can be affecting this number...
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A Simple Trick To Figure Out The Best Time To Send An Email To YOUR List

Lesson Transcription:

Today I want to answer a question I seem to get asked all the time…

"What is the best time to send an email to my list?"

best time to send an email This is one of those questions that is frustrating for me because of all of the misleading (and flat out wrong!) answers I hear. I’ve spent a lot of time at various Internet marketing seminars and conferences and I continually see all of these so-called “experts” get up on stage and say things like:
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Email Marketing Tips – Part 1

 How To Write A Marketing Email In 12 Steps

How To Write A Marketing Email - Lesson Transcription:

Email promotions remains one of the most profitable ways to make money online, but ONLY if you know how to write marketing emails that actually work!

Subject Lines - Make or Break Time!

So let’s talk about subject lines. When you are learning how to write a marketing email the subject line probably the most important part of your email.  It is very much like a headline on a sales letter.  If the headline isn’t compelling enough, no one will read your sales letter.  So it won’t matter if you have the best product, the best price and the best guarantee if the reader never even sees it. The subject line is the same thing.  If you don’t have a compelling enough subject line to get people to actually open your email, then once again, you can have…
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